Monday, August 6, 2012

Gone and Done it!

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  1. 42% fake

  2. I guess it’s fun to make fun of people with handicap and mild retardation now.

  3. I don’t get why people think Chris (Simpsons artist) is retarded. So many of his posts are beautiful and have great meaning and positive messages in them. Read in to him and you will be glad you did!

  4. Umm, #2: Yes. Yes it is.
    #3: Are YOU fucking retarded? Did you actually see those pictures? 5 hours a day for 22 years, and it looks like he’s drawing all the characters like they’re retarded. Not to mention he’s retarded.

    God help us all.

  5. Or it’s a joke website, set up for laughs. Sometimes i’m pretty sure the retards are the ones who inhabit these comments sections

  6. That’s just his style of drawing though! He’s incredibly clever! When talking about his birthday and being older he said “it is not the years that is in your life that count and it is the life that is inside of your years that matter the most. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox”- that’s beautiful!

  7. Todo, shut up. You sicken me, fake one.

  8. I wanna fuck Chris in the ass. I bet he’s a yeller.

  9. I am not sure who is being serious here.

  10. I’ve had this guy on facebook for a while, and at first I thought he did have some sort of learning difficulty or handicap but I’ve soon come to realise it’s probably a bit of an act. It’s still pretty sweet though and I find him hilarious.

  11. WHOA! According to the screen cap above he is 27 and 3/4 years old, but if you go to the page now, he is suddenly “exactly 29.” He defies the laws of time and space! He is super-human! I am totally following his page now in hopes that his amazingness rubs off on me by proxy.

  12. @#11 his page was created in April 2011. This is a screen cap from a year ago for some reason.

  13. ^ That’s because the Lamebook people FINALLY got around to posting Chris’ Beavis and Butthead pictures.

  14. chris cannot draw for shit.
    and his wise homespun homiles made me throw up. like, that bullshit what todo was waffling out of his vagina in comment #6? what is that crap? it doesn’t even mean anything.

  15. Whatever your personal thoughts about Chris (I find his faux naïvety as grating as that of Keith Lemon or Russell Brand) his quirky illustration style has brought him commercial success.

  16. best of all I liked the bit when todo said ‘that’s beautiful’… that peyote really fucks you up doesn’t it

    the ‘faux naivety’ is just a way to cash in on ripping off someone else’s ideas without breaking copyright

  17. Well I don’t think this grinny waver is very autistic…sorry artistic.

    Fuck off.

  18. Odd. I don’t see 55,000+ people liking anything any of you have ever done. How many unique visitors do you have on your blog/drivel thing, MsAnne?

  19. #9 was a funny comment. It’s obvious someone has never been on this site before.
    Todo – If something gets submitted to lamebook, it gets made fun of. SHOCKER! Are you a ‘tard, too? Do you lick windows? I personally prefer a strong, 3-pane glass (it holds the flavor better).

  20. gosh teeko. have you been reading my blog?

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