Monday, August 6, 2012


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  1. The last guy/girl is a complete moron.

  2. Incorrect. This is fake.

  3. Yep this is fake as fuck. Speaking of fuck, I fucked Michelle.

  4. I actually want to add these people to tell them what fucktards they are!

  5. Bunch of idiots.

  6. The 2nd and 3rd ones are clearly joking, and that.

    Also, I fucked T1000 and he faked all his orgasms.

  7. The 3rd is very obviously not joking. Fucking Americans.

  8. Robert downey jr said the second one so that guy is lame as fuck

  9. “All y’all look alike!”

  10. it’s funny because america spends too much money on war and they can’t even afford to train their athletes anymore.
    what a MASSIVE fail of an entire nation.
    hah! american LOSERS.

  11. Incorrect. Most Americans are not this dumb, we just don’t really give a fuck about the Olympics or what the rest of you think. Ms Anne what are you talking about. The USA is second by 1 medal in overall standings at this moment.How does this correlate into not training athletes?

  12. Oh, look. It’s the ‘all americans are dumb and egocentric’ posts. Nails is going to love this one!

  13. Yeah, I accidentally caught Nails on my line yesterday when I was fishing for someone else. Oh well. I kissed him and threw him back in the water.

  14. One gets used to it after a while. I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out how the sport of trampoline made it into the Olympics. It’s like people are searching for a sport we Americans can win.

    Kristen Armstrong and Brian Wiggins were pretty awesome in the TT, and the showdown between Vinokourov and Uran in the road cycling was really good. I also like the idea of independent Olympic athletes. Hopefully, we see a lot more of those in the future.

  15. The sport of trampoline was added to the Olympics so Canada could get a gold medal. Think of it as a gimme.

  16. I thought it was added to give boring fucks like you guys something to chat about at recess while all the cool kids are hiding from you?

  17. Brian Wiggins?

    Isn’t he the second cousin of Andy Bolt, the Olympic 100 metre champion?

  18. Watching the Olympics is a bit like watching your dad fuck an orangutan.

    At first it seems like a bit of harmless fun, but it drags on too long and you end up feeling guilty for wanking off over it.

  19. Franky, Bacchante – Love you ladies! And thanks for throwing me back in, Bacchante; turns out I found my way home by illegally swimming back across the border! Yay!

    For the record, women’s gymnastics typically dominates. It’s a misnomer to think that China wins it all the time (or Russia). But whatever.

    Also, the highest majority of Olympic-caliber athletes in the US are trained privately, not by the damn government. That’s in other countries, like with socialized medicine or something… they have socialized Olympic athlete training, too. Look it up, I saw it on Fuckapedia.

    Hell, funny enough, they have to pay taxes on their Goddamn medals! Not that we’re the only country that does that.
    But hey, I guess we need to pay for our baby-killing and nation-conquering somehow! 😉

  20. I do enjoy the cycling races, especially the outdoor ones, but I could care less about the countries. I have my favorite riders, and most of them are not riding for the US. Also, like just about any straight man, I enjoy watching women’s beach volleyball.

  21. could care less could care less could care less could care less

  22. @ Gonzo If you could care less then why don’t you? It’s COULDN’T care less, you bunch of fucktards!

  23. Gonzo, keep your nose out of everyone’s business. Gosh!

  24. Why beat? It tickles! :p

  25. could care lesser could care lesser could care lesser could care lesser

  26. *could care fewer

  27. #couldn’t care more fewerest?

  28. Couldn’t not give a flying monkey fuck most fewest.

  29. *fewerest

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