Monday, August 6, 2012

The Search is on…

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  1. FAKE!



  2. correct



  3. idk about you, but I I know if a girl likes be….. if she blinks, she wants we!

  4. carlosspicyweiner

    I have to poop now.

  5. This isn’t that embarrassing really. I’ve seen many people post statuses similar to this. It would be much more embarrassing if he had put something like “how to get girls to like me”, or something.

  6. What are the steps exactly to post a status on an iphone to FB? How exactly do any of them at all look like google except “the enter text” which would be 1 out of 10 instructions, the other 9 bearing zero resemblance to entering a google search on his phone.

    Wanker. Clearly said girl is his FB friend, and he’s just a passive-aggressive twat… this is tantamount to “Ooopps I fell over and landed cock first in your pussy.”

  7. How small would your prick have to be to actually land in a pussy?

  8. If you let her go, and she comes back to you, it means she likes-likes you, buddy! Or some shit like that…

    @JohnWayne: What the fuck?

  9. I reckon its passive-aggressive too.. I’m not sure which is worse though, stupidity or PA

  10. Fuck, go big or go home. Move in for a handshake and at the last second whip your dick out and put it in her hand. It’s a 50/50 chance bro. Worst case scenerio is she gets pregnant.

  11. ^ Best case scenario, she buys you a pizza.

    Absolutely none of the 36 people that liked his status are the girl he wants to like him.

  12. ^it doesn’t state anywhere that he wants a girl to like him. I suspect that he is actually fucking terrified of the prospect.

  13. Fine. I’ll rephrase..

    Absolutely none of the 36 people that liked his status are the girl he’s curious about.

  14. what is wrong with you? why would you just automatically assume it was a human female? you sick fuck.

  15. Bearded women aren’t very common, despite what your parents told you.

  16. your avatar belies your very words.

  17. Dammit, you got me on that one.

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