Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ragin’ Racists

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  1. 1st????

  2. i’m glad they explained molatto cuz i had no fucking idea what they were talking about

  3. YAY…1st tme eer 1st…now wheres my medal? 😛

  4. *time & *ever….f*cking keyboard!

  5. Haha, I like Tasha’s thinking.

  6. Judging from the kitchen “decor” in #2, those must be some high-class trailer people. I bet they’re the ones in that shiny new doublewide in the cul-de-sac, the one overlooking the pool.

  7. Suzy…what do you mean by “they”!?

  8. I’d never heard “molatto” either. I love how lamebook teaches me all these new things – thank you. Also, home decorating ideas. I feel very lucky today.

  9. Guys…I hope you all know it’s “mulatto.” *face palm*

  10. And to say that she thought it was short for mocha latte is ignorant, offensive and fucking hilarious.

  11. i learnt about the term “mulatto” yesterday via wikipedia surfing. funny to see it on a post today. although these aren’t funny. i’m catching on, it’s not about funny it’s about lame. nice

    and that black mannequin looks like the guest of honor leaning back in the arm chair and wrapped in a flag to keep warm. i’ll ignore the connotations of the flag the way i’m ignoring the bad decor

  12. I did not think mulatto was derogatory either… I cant keep up with pc… fk it… my cousin is mulatto :hifive:

  13. Keystone and Coors backsplash? How tacky — it totally clashes with the Anheuser-Busch motif they have started in the living room. How uncouth.

  14. I think I’m gonna go make myself a nice, warm cup of mulatto now. Mmmm…

  15. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Holy crap it’s slimjayz. Hmmm or maybe it’s just Uber Cocksucker.

  16. I love the fruity name, Beau, for a racist redneck

    hey f@gg0t… its pronus… pronon… its said like Bo, like bo duke

  17. um, not liking that I am being confused with any kind of cocksucker, uber or miniature

  18. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Not to worry slim, Uber Cocksucker stole my name once too he just forgot to add my avatar. Welcome back dude everyone expected you to be here on 4/20 but you disappointed us all.

  19. lol… I have had a busy year of grad school, work, new baby and coaching… However, tis the season to slack off… They had blocked this site at my work and I was bored and thought I would check and see if it still was

    And to those who were disappointed… come on by and I’ll smoke ya out

  20. Holy hell slim, “busy” sounds like an understatement.

  21. slim’s not that Uber fag…. who tried to brake me and Walter up a few days ago.

  22. brake or break?

  23. … that was a little ‘pun’ in regard to a post from yesterday.

  24. I don’t care for the term “mulatto”, but I have heard people use it in reference to themselves. I’m not sure if they meant it in a humorous way, like when I say I’m 100% honky.

  25. slim, it’s not really about “keeping up with PC,” as “mulatto” has been out of style to say pretty much since the late 1800s.

  26. I grew up in the south. Back then, the term “mulatto” is not so much derogatory as stigmatizing. If a person had any “black blood” whatsoever, they were considered black and treated as such no matter what they looked like. I had no idea it had become derogatory??

  27. *was

  28. Well, I’ve never heard Mulatto but it sounds better than ‘mixed-breed’, which I’ve been called before. 😐

  29. I loves me some Southern Hillibillies showing their pride in their “Heritage” with the Confederate Flag!!!!!!

  30. You say mulatto, i say accident.

    Beau is exacting revenge for a drunken episode that led to him being photographed asleep on his black mates sofa dressed as a Masai warrior.

  31. I just like to refer to myself as a “halfrican.” Mulatto is too formal.

  32. I could be wrong, but I thought the term “mulatto” was ALWAYS meant to be offensive. I thought it came from the word “mule” and was originally negative because race-mixing was a thought to be a tragedy. Am I the only one?

  33. I don’t think that’s a black mannequin.

  34. I always assumed mulatto was derogatory(sp?) too, until a biracial girl at my school referred to herself as it. I was like :O! I still wouldn’t say it, but I guess it’s not offensive…

    Am I the only one who laughed at the idiot in the first one?

  35. @34 “I guess it’s not offensive…”
    Some Black people call each other or themselves “the n-word”, but it’s still an offensive word. Anyway, none of us are certain of whether “mulatto” is truly derogatory, so it’s possible that the girl in your school doesn’t know either!

  36. I guess i’m one of those “mulattos”. I’ve never known it to be offensive, and no one has ever mentioned it being offensive to me. Though i do think “octaroon” does sound kind of bad!

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