Friday, August 3, 2012


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  1. Fek.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Props for Throuth and Thru in one sentence.

  3. I wonder if eubonics is their common tongue in the hood.

  4. must be horribly traumatic.. being robed like that… wonder if it was those filthy random robing monks that did it

  5. Should have been, “Disrobed.” Much better for business.

    Although perhaps the business is one of those topless steakhouses…

  6. not sure seeing KFC staff disrobed would be a business advantage..

    interesting store policy that when they get robbed at the front they prefer people to come in the rear

  7. right. so kfc employees don’t spell as good like a rocket surgeons?
    omg. all surprised and shit. I’ll just make a racist (joke) like an unoriginal mouth-breathing simpleton, shall I?

  8. wow.. Ms..invoking my name? over the ‘eubonics’ comment I assume?

    ironic that apart from a mention on urban dictionary (which we all know is not definitive) that ‘eubonics’ is actually spelt ‘ebonics’

  9. What’s this ‘we’ shit all about? Nobody invoked shit…now quit acting like the “smart” kid in back of the classroom that waves their arm around in the air like he’s having a seizure, hoping, and praying, that the cute, young, and sexy new teachers assistant will call on you. She’s ignoring you for a reason…Now be a good little boy and use that steel wool I told you to dig out and wash that pizza off your face. Oh? What? That’s not pizza? Fuck, dude, get some proactive and take care of that shit, its revolting and downright offensive! If my face looked like that I wouldn’t dare go out in public?

  10. ^Why is that last sentence a question?

    I just assumed one of the workers let their 5 year old write the sign up.

  11. I thought the ebonics thing was pretty funny (after I looked up it’s meaning)

  12. did anyone else read the sign as if Simple Jack wrote it?

  13. riiiight… so if I ask a woman a question its because I want to wave my arm in the air to impress her with my brain in order to bed her?..not every bloke wants to fuck every woman in the vicinity..

    the whole little episode you just had does tell me a lot about you though…

    I’m mid twenties, and live with my girlfriend in a house we both work to pay off.. I haven’t had zits in about 7 years and there is only one chick I have any desire to impress… sorry capbitch but it ain’t you

  14. I impress my gf with my amazing sense of humour and devilish good looks. Some men use rape but that’s wrong (in the eyes of the law).

  15. Good catch Franky….fuck if I know…not sure what happened there! And don’t go get’n all serious and shit on me Berky! What happened to that perky little twat you were pretending to be earlier?….Ya jus’ be try’n t’ suck the fun right outta me aren’t ya chap? I impress my wench wit me manly pirate demeanor and finely crafted cock…when she’s a good little girl I reward her by breaking open a fresh bottle of brasso so she can polish my balls. Every single one of them!

  16. my apologies, I must have misread, thought you were the one getting all sour on my cute little ass.. wasn’t trying to get serious, just trying to slap the taste from your mouth

    so please accept my apologies, and go fuck yourself with any one of your detachable adornments

  17. I should be so honoured to be presented the opportunity to make sweet love to such a fine Capn as myself, unfortunately for me the ol’ shaft is still out on loan…but as soon as I get it back, you’ll see! I’ll fuck myself like a champ!….but while we’re waiting, you should go first, it’s only fair since it was your idea! Kinda like the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” game you played with your older sister when you were a wee lad. Only then will I accept your apology….either that, or agree to do belly shots off of that tatted-up buffet further down the page, otherwise I might not believe you’re being completely genuine.

  18. Bring_back_fingering

    Please god shut the fuck up you pair of fucking retards.

  19. retard than a plain old one.. so cheers mate

    but yeah.. the whole shut up thing.. not likely to happen, good on you for trying though.. you ever heard of the golden rivet by any chance?

  20. that’s wierd.. my post got cut in half

    the missing part was ‘not sure how you feel Cap’n but I’d rather be a fucking retard than just a plain old one..etc’

  21. These comments made me ‘lol’ a lot more than the sign.

  22. , or fucking a retard, there’s always that! Gettin’ down with the downs, rockin’ out with the autistics…I could go for a bitch with tourettes, myself…..loves me a wench with a sexy stutter.

  23. what do we want?
    an end to Tourette’s!
    when do we want it?

  24. LOL —^^^^

  25. i think that is a “g” in “trough”.. look at the “g” in “got”

  26. Oh goodness! Ms. didn’t use proper grammar! It’s ” don’t spell as WELL”, you fucktard. If you take the time to check your spelling and your ” insults”, you could at least check your grammar. Shit.

  27. ^you utter fucking idiot.
    do you have the self-awareness to be embarrassed?

  28. @26 Sugartits: Are you serious? You’ve got the most shit-on sentence there, grammar and punctuation included – and you actually had the balls to call someone else out on it? Un-fucking-believable.

  29. carlosspicyweiner

    I hate all of you

  30. ^and yet you come and read it all

  31. ^He’s gotta masturbate to something right!

  32. indeed… do you think he cries while he hates us and masturbates?

    I hope he does, doing that to yourself makes god cry

  33. I hope he does, too. I need some lube!

  34. why is your g0d a boy? have you seen his cock?

  35. Are you implying that you haven’t?

  36. well. I have enough manners to look away.

  37. You have them, but you don’t use them!…much…

  38. I don’t want to waste them. what will i do when they’re all used up?
    that’s the problem with the people here – you guys just don’t think.

  39. I’ll give you this one, Ms. I can’t argue with that logic!

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