Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Messiah Mistakes

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  1. I can’t be the only one who thinks that posts pointing out spelling mistakes are completely over done? Who gives a flying fuck? You’re still an insignificant prick however you spell.

  2. I can’t be the only one who thinks posts with spelling mistakes are completely over done? When did people stop giving a flying fuck about school? Being considered an insignificant prick often correlates to your skill in spelling.

  3. hannibal-lecture

    This isn’t even a spelling mistake, it is a mistake in syntax.

  4. God bless Paul.

  5. Syntax: The principles and properties by which sentences are constructed.
    Spelling is not the right word, by any means. I simply copied Pap for the sake of the “grammar Nazi” joke/argument. Is there a better word than syntax? Mistakes in homophone usage can be placed under syntax errors? It’s literally the wrong word.

  6. hannibal-lecture

    You are definitely correct, Turrible. The real point here is showing the functional illiteracy of the supposed literate population today.

  7. Real christians know it is Jesus Christ with capitals. But, Paul (and others)need to learn the difference in spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Not knowing the correct form of their is a spelling or ignorance mistake. Improper punctuation (no commas for example) is a grammar mistake. As is using an ellipses… the more you know.

  8. Paul should fuck Angela’s asshole. If she’s sore he can ask for forgiveness.

  9. *lifetime

  10. Both of them were wrong. She should have said “There are”. He was totally wrong correcting her with ‘their’. He’s probably the one that submitted the post too. Let the bashing on my comment begin…..

  11. ^he was correcting “in there *lifetime”.
    So you’re wrong.

  12. Turrible fell into the trap. The trap that many fall into. Something about the correlation between winning ‘Internet arguments’ and the size of your rolling pin… Let’s hope your kids don’t have Dyslexia, you might not be able to help yourself grinding them down. Then you’ll have to put up with jumped up skinny gamer-type gimps, full of psoriasis, getting wet when your kids type ‘ere’ instead of ‘eir’.

  13. …Here’s my chance! Someone gone and FUCCKKKEEDDD UPPP! I wonder if i’ll get laid on the back of my correction. At the very least I’ll climb a notch on the ‘Scale of Cool, Edgy, and Controversial’…

    Is this really a public service then? Pointing out the demise of the youth of today? I don’t come here to see the same shit pointed out again and again. We get it.. If you’ve no new material shut it down.

  14. Biology major over here. Not as strong as I’d like to be in English; however, I will pound simple mistakes daily. In a world of texts and email, your grammar is what represents you to the public, professors, etc. Which is why I pass my papers to the English majors for final review. 😉

  15. ^ Biology major who spends his time trolling the internet to correct people’s grammar and spelling? Kill yourself.

  16. Pappy, not to take sides here, but just like you hope Turrible’s kids don’t have dyslexia, I hope yours don’t look up to you. Would you rather them have a parent who doesn’t give a flying fuck about correcting grammar mistakes, or someone who points them out in hopes of giving the child a better chance of succeeding in life?

  17. Shut the fuck up velocirrober. My dyslexic kid will do just fine without you plebs using him to validate your sorry existence. If someone has a real problem with understanding the correct symbols to use and in which order, but you know what they ultimately meant, deal with it. YOU’RE NOT A PUBLIC SERVICE, you’re a cheap jibe. A completely overused one at that.

  18. ^ Actually you are the one who brought up dyslexia AND children. And I was not pretending to be a public service. Have you seen me correcting people’s grammar here? (Not to toot my own horn, but even with English being my second language, I’d be pretty good at that).

    It seems like you walk around with your panties up in a wad. I am sorry (and I’m pretty sure that Turrible, being a Biology major and all, is too) that this is a sensitive topic for you. But chill… there are many other topics that are sensitive to some of us, and we don’t explode in insults to others only because they express their opinion.

    Most of the insults that you read here are part of a joke. Don’t take everything you read here so seriously.

  19. It’s sad but I’ve just gotten so used to seeing people using the wrong ‘there, their, they’re, you’re, your, etc’ as though it’s a personal choice or something.. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  20. I guess trolling truly is a art.

  21. @Pappy. No one is trying to maliciously make fun of people, but this grammar situation is a huge problem in the majority of today’s youth. The problem isn’t because the majority have medical issues; it is because they are lazy and don’t find such minor skills to be important. Everyone has to work to better themselves. They are not going to see it if people keep letting it slide.

    @Noob. It’s summer vacation and summer classes don’t start until next week. Do you even school, bro?

    @beast. …… *an. lol.

  22. beatusmongous, I know… It’s the “shut the fuck up part” that got me. When used unnecessarily, I find those words just as offensive as bad grammar.

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