Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 Words: Lamellient, Lamey, Lamescivious


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  1. Whoa! Lookie, lookie! Someone knows how to use a thesaurus!

  2. … but obviously not a dictionary. You can’t actually be a schadenfreude.

  3. I think I know this guy. O.O

  4. couldn’t find a big word to replace “happy” with?

  5. it’s cool that they’re turned on by what they are. real cool.

  6. reminds me of Jordan Schlansky on Conan.

  7. But thinks “schadenfreude” is a verb. What a pretentious pseudo-intellectual douche.

  8. He forgot ‘Douchebag’ in his describing words.

  9. i like the word spadestos – it means retarded asbestos

  10. Oh, look, someone who likes trying to impress people with big words. Guess what, Mr. Schadenfreude? Nobody cares!

  11. And he’ll have fun fun fun till his daddy takes his thesaurus awaaaaayyyyyy. p.s.: Thanks, douche, for giving those of us with slightly more advanced vocabularies than “average” a bad name.

  12. Google definitions rape.

  13. He coulda used “gay” instead of happy…

  14. “Scintillescent” is not a word. You are an asshole.

    “Scintillant” is, however, a word. But you are still an asshole.

  15. 3 words to describe yourself-fucking, twat, pretentious.
    But not in that order.

  16. Yeah, as 7 said – you can’t be ‘a schadenfreude’.

  17. “But thinks “schadenfreude” is a verb.”

    amazing syntax skills.

  18. I watched a movie called “Lascivious Latinas” once. Great film.

  19. i’m sorry did he just say long words turn him on?

  20. Actually, I’m kinda having a ball watching this guy’s misfortune. So maybe we just inadvertently transformed him into a human schadenfreude.

  21. He’s a sciolist.

  22. He’s clearly having a Schadenfreudian slip.

  23. I think the way he talks is perfectly cromulent

  24. ^^A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man…

  25. Look who blew the dictionary.

  26. @Ampheromine, I *had* to join just so I could tell you that your comment made my day. 😀 (I know it’s late, but yeah. lol)

  27. This reminds me of the friends episode where Joey writes Monica and Chandler a referral letter for adoption and uses the built-in Thesaurus on his laptop to make all the short words sound long and intelligent. Naturally it all ends up being a load of gibberish.

  28. HAAHA, every word he wrote is just telling everyone what a wannabe he is, a total freak!!
    @Ehryn: HajajajA, That was a good one!

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