Monday, May 18, 2009

Fiesta Weak


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  1. “Did the math”:

    fiesta week + airplane + burrito = mile high explosive diarrhea

  2. 🙂 ^ Is that what it’s supposed to be? Because I honestly can’t do the “fucking” math.

  3. Lance best comment award goes to you.

  4. It bothers me when people bring meals onto a plane.

  5. she has shit in her bag, yuckkkkkkkk

  6. Fiesta Two…ah, I get it, it was a pooping party. Yeah. Poop.

  7. 1+1= you’re a bitch?

  8. i thought only terrorists could bring diet coke on a plane.

  9. @Will
    It only bothers me because I know that I’ll be stuck with shitty airplane food, but I still get to smell their tasty food.

  10. HollyGoSlightly

    Is it that she lost her luggage???

  11. Omg-I would never dream of drinking coke and eating a buritto on an airplane. The end result would kill whoever used the bathroom after me…

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