Friday, May 24, 2013

99 Problems

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  1. I’m fine, thanks for asking.

  2. What a conceited asswipe.

  3. Who needs maths anyway?

  4. Ahh, it’s amusing seeing these girls later in life. Not attractive and a ruined reputation. You can’t turn a ho into a housewife.

  5. Mia es la tuya.

  6. ^ hoho, I see what you did there, beatus.

  7. Cool. I like an audience.

  8. carrot.

  9. crustylovelips

    I don’t get why they’d still have 99 problems if 87 of them have been solved. Anyone?

  10. crustylovelips

    Rather than thumbing down, you unhelpful fuckers, do a good deed and help a retard and fucking explain it.

  11. 87 can be solved by being attractive, but he still has 99 problems. Hence, he’s unattractive.

  12. She, sorry.

  13. still don’t get it

  14. someone explain it to me as if I where 5 years old

  15. Mia better be real good at giving head, I don’t see her going far any other way.

  16. jasper, if you had 99 problems and being attractive would solve 87 of them, and you weren’t attractive, how many problems would you have?

  17. 12?

  18. RobertBergstrom

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  19. Lamebook has 99 problems, and most of them claim to know someone who earns over $7k in a few weeks. Damned spammers.

  20. #19
    It could be worse, they could be trying to get people to watch terrible Youtube videos like at

  21. crustylovelips

    Well yeah, but Mia was implying he/she is attractive which sorta makes Dereks ‘joke’ a little bit confusing. I mean…who are we to believe?! Does Mia have just 12 problems, like me? Or does he/she have 99 problems, like Beatus?

  22. ^ I don’t have any problems, only solutions.

  23. ^Attractive bugger, isn’t he?

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