Friday, May 24, 2013

BEERded Bride

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  1. Tell her to call me!

  2. Thats alcohol abuse. Should have chugged it and walked out. Sends a better message..

  3. Rule #1 of Online Dating: Never waste a beer walking away from an online date, just log off the computer and take it with you.

  4. He left the beer because their date was at the restaurant the husband runs.

  5. ^ Then he should have ordered a round for the whole bar. Then walked out..

  6. That date lasted longer than most men do during sex.

  7. crustylovelips

    ^ Speak for yourself!

  8. I understand not wanting to get involved, and wouldn’t suggest going on a second date, but it sounds like she just wanted to bone. Missed opportunity there.

  9. #8
    On the surface you seem correct. However you are far more likely to have to listen to her bitching about her husband all night then have her burst into tears when the fucking should commence.

  10. It would be allright with me, Friendzone, at least I wouldn’t be the only one crying after sex then.

  11. Can he not drink beer unless someone else is watching him? That is so sad.

  12. RobertBergstrom

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  13. I would have fucked her.

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