Friday, May 24, 2013

Family Love

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  1. Christinas gonna be a slut just like aunt Ruthie!

  2. Who doesn’t love their whore family?

  3. Haha, Cristina is already a slut. Filthy little bitch!

  4. Christina Kardashian? Never heard of her.

  5. I love her whore family too. Well maybe not the whole whore family, but I’d like be willing to meet her whore mother or perhaps a much older whore sister.

  6. ^ May probably end up with a better chance of meeting her whore father.

  7. I love my whore family…and by that I mean you sick fucks on lamebook. My “real” family isn’t a bunch of whores…just me, and my fag brother. Enjoy the night…WHORES! Even though I’ve been drinking, I don’t feel like sticking around here. Lamebook just isn’t what it used to be. So…yeah…whatever…fuck it. You whores will be ok without me tonight, anyways…

  8. Nothing wrong with being whores. Just look at how much money all those people on reality shows get.

  9. RobertBergstrom

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  10. RobertBergstrom is a spamming whore!

  11. Hey ROBERT, you jackass. Guess what? No…seriously…guess! Ok…Ok…I’ll just come out and tell you, since you’re a spamming bitch and won’t respond anyways.

    Your filthy mange covered dog of a MOTHER is a crab infested, genital wart picking, AIDS ridden WHORE, and “9” FUCKED HER…TWICE! Take that, FUCK BOY!

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