Monday, March 26, 2012

A Bit Much

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  1. Why wouldn’t you just pretend it was a frape or that you were joking instead of letting everyone know that you were serious. I’m pretty sure that’s fake.

  2. sounds like ruth needs a visit from crusty.
    because he’s a douche.

  3. and NOT the good kind of douche either. you know, the kind that doubles as salad dressing.

  4. SOoo, Salad anyone?

  5. Brandon totally stole that from somewhere

  6. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Fuck you too Hawkbit, spastic

  7. Hawkbit is right, you know.

  8. Yeah, but being right means fuck all around here…

  9. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Fuck you marioDragon and CapnJaques. steamers

  10. do ya feel the love in here?

  11. Nope, but I do smell vomit and excrement.

  12. only if you change your comment to “Can you feel the love tonight?” and everyone bursts out into some intense Lion King song and dance show!

  13. smell like new orleans.


  15. ^ Will you fuck off already? If we wanted to see the shit on satiring, don’t you think we’d be there?

  16. ^meh. I just spent a jolly 10 minutes in her last few comment sections… 😀

  17. I read the last blog she wrote about some retarded shit. WTF man? Not funny, or well written. Just pretentious dribble… You’re below “my cousins best friends mum” and friends in my books, yoghurt.

  18. And while we’re on the topic of spamming snatch discharge, it seems a whole bunch of posts have been deleted. Amen, lamebook.

  19. I trust you made yourself useful and told her your opinion while you were there, brad?

  20. I once knew a girl who had an unusual vagina odour, mind you her gash looked like the Singing Detective’s face so no surprise there…

  21. Only very briefly Annie..

  22. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Fuck you too Yoghurt, no one ever likes you, you malignant wanker.

  23. I gave her all my helpful advice and she’s deleted the lot…I only hope she’s learnt her lesson.

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