Monday, March 26, 2012

Modest John

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  1. This is just a copy pasta from 4chan… Completely and totally fake.

  2. This isn’t real. It’s a much-used meme from 4chan.

  3. 4chan represent.

  4. christopherlovet

    What the other neckbeards said. Fake copypasta that’s been posted thousands of times.

  5. butterscotchcandy

    This post was not so cash

  6. You guys are a bunch of goobers. There’s no way this is fake. It’s so freaking real, you have no idea. This guy is way cool and I want to be exactly like him, and so do all you jealous people that think it’s fake.

    /sarcasm off

  7. heh… neckbeards…


  8. BANG

  9. ^ Did those tips look like little helmets attached to sausages?

  10. 4chan copypasta :<

  11. Dammit, Lamebook! Another meaningless comment thanks to you.

    Although, maybe it does make sense after all…

  12. it was pretty zen, beatus.

  13. I think the dude is banging his sister…

  14. If my sister looked like that. Id try to stick my dick in it.

  15. ^ …with predictable results, you little virgin. Besides, I think her pimp put her on an exclusive contract with the employees of the Wonka factory.

  16. “You all want to be just like me, and I obviously want to be just like Pauly D.”

  17. you don’t put your dick in crazy.

  18. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    As said before, I have seen it on 4chan. I have also seen it on hot chicks with douchebags.

  19. Sure you do, MsAnne. After all, someone put his dick in you, correct?

  20. I’m not crazy. Bitter, nasty, evil and sociopathic. But I’m not crazy.

  21. melancholygypsy

    OP is a fag

  22. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I remember when I had my first beer.

  23. Lamebook diggin’ into the delves of the internet right here….

  24. justdiedalittleinside

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

  25. I just don’t want the people in the pic to be living on MY planet anymore.

  26. Oh God, his GF looks like a 65 years old woman!

  27. BorderlineDane

    highlights of his year….fast forward 3 years: living in a trailer with a nogoodwife and rotten kids

    let him have this one

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