Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Couple of Jokers

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  1. Trollolol is going to say it for T1000 – “fake” trollolol out!

  2. These bitches remind me of Mormons….I grew up around a couple mormons….Only they would think this kind of shit’s funny….The young women in the relief society on the other hand would get really horny when you tell them how sexy they look in that long white dress and that they’ve been a bad girl…There’s a reason they started locking the rooms behind the stage when I went there…It’s like years of religious and sexual oppression caused them to get off on the mere thought of being “naughty”.

  3. Trollolol is correct.

  4. tldr

  5. Leave the retarded boys alone. Poor things can’t even spell their own names correctly.

  6. Hey Macy, thanks for letting us know. I was just asking Tom and Mildred if they’d thought you’d read this one or not. I figured you’d find it too long. They said you might try it though, being it’s your off season and all. Again, thanks.

  7. They have proven they know all there is to know about Batman. Which means pretty much nil.

  8. @1 Thanks for the irony; usually robots do the work for simpletons, not the other way around.

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  10. Talk about noobies. Only true Gotham city fan club members know that the second relieved addition of penguin’s wrath vol. 2 was actually printed incorrectly. Penguin’s cane was supposed to be a golf club and he was supposed to be driving the 2013 Honda Accord. No big deal or anything…….

  11. ^wow hank. you really fucking suck, you know that?

    also, rightbrain3, the sheltered workshopper what calls itself t1000 is NOT a real robot. I know you might feel that you are being kind by deferring to it’s terribly fucking tedious delusions, but you are not. You are making it worse.

    back to OP- so, is Bradlee Shawn’s gf?

  12. ^ So to be clear, only you get to occasionally rant at him–the rest of us need to simply ignore him, yes?

  13. fuck no!
    just avoid use the word of the word ‘robot’ when mocking it. use the word ‘fucktard’, instead. it’s more fitting.

  14. “Robot” feeds it. It needs to starve.

  15. ^ Ahhh…got it. Thanks, MsAnne. Just between you and me, so I don’t make the same mistake, is Capn a real pirate?

  16. Dammit Nails, MsAnne and I are getting to know each other and you cut right in! But you make a valid point so I’ll let it go. This time.

  17. Thank you Misser Jim!
    And yes, Cap’n is a real pirate. At least he says so, and he lives in Florida, and this here’s the interwebz, so that’s good enough for me!

    But c’mon, a fucking robot?? That’s just ludicrous!

  18. ^ *But c’mon, a fucking fucktard?? That’s just ludicrous!*

  19. heh. according to the fucking RIAA, I’m a pirate.
    At least a pirate is a real thing.

  20. @rightbrain3: tldr

  21. Dang and ouch! Macy, you scorched me with that completely unpredictable response. Well done. Whew. Okay, seriously–when you get in the unemployment line every morning do you regale the poor bastard behind you with tales of things you didn’t do–
    like complete eighth grade or wipe after you poo? No? Well,the same rule applies online, Sparky.

  22. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Capn, any chance you can drown out these motherfuckers with something good to read?

  23. ^Why not come up with something on your own, Princess? Perhaps an excerpt from your diary. Capn’s got a ship to run. I just found out he’s a real pirate!

  24. nope. he’s a gutter junkie.
    how fucking gullible are you?

  25. Ooh, today is such a good day!

  26. Be nice. This is my first time on a dating site.

  27. Do you film yourself wanking for future masturbation?

  28. ^See, Pumpkin, I knew you’d find something from your diary.

  29. Sorry Crusty, I’ve been out ‘n aboat most of the day. Yar! MsAnne, ma dear, yah scurvy wench, I’ve miss’d ya! Yeh miss’d may too, I sea, eh? I reckon yer jus’ try’n t’ jostle may bones a bit w’ tat hogwash landlubber of’n insalt…Will be jump’n in me rowboat n’ head’n ta t’ island fer some moar goods in a moment though…I’m on a roll here, not even you can rain on my parade tonight, baby!

  30. what?

  31. Yeah, that was fucking pirate speak, landies like you *wouldn’t* understand Ms. Oh, yeah, translation for ya…Went and bought more “supplies” (I also picked up some dinner while I was out, too), was saving it, but now it seems a decidedly good time to take my “medicine”. I’m also drinking a concoction of rum, like a good little Cap’n. But you already knew that. You know, Ms. I was browsing around on the internet a little while ago and stumbled across a picture of someone dressed in a kangaroo kigurumi, and I thought of you…silly, huh?

  32. but… it’s not ‘speak like a pirate day’.

  33. I was all toughed up ‘n prepared for Anne to make a low blow ‘n break the bad news! Now good ol’ Franky comes along and tells me ‘n I get all sad and stuff 🙁 I guess the good news is I didn’t wake up with a hangover…Think I’m gonna go pickup breakfast this morning…normally I’d be willing to cook…but…eh….blah…..

  34. Hey now, I wasn’t having a go. I meant it like, if you got a present, you’d be like ‘but it’s not my birthday’.

  35. Yay…I can’t even think of much to say atm.
    I am SO tired today! Need to take a nap!

  36. They should mellow out and listen to some Jean Paul, George, and Ringo.

  37. How are you even up this early?

  38. early? Between all my little sessions nodding out throughout the night I got plenty winks in…and still pretty tired now…but if I go to sleep in the middle of the day my whole sleep schedules gonna get fucked up again!

  39. gosh capn, first the gut-wrenchingly fucking emotional posts about your preferred sandwich fillers, now this…I don’t know what…about your cunting sleep schedule.

    what have we done to be so fucking lucky?

  40. CapnJaques, we need to hear more about the relief society and those bad girls who worked there.

  41. Oh ffs Ms. What do YOU fill your sandwiches with? The cunt jelly you scrape off after vigorously masturbating to midget porn? Tr, just walk in and find out for yourself…don’t mind to humourless banter and invitations to join, just grab a couple by the hand and drag ’em to the backroom for a private prayer session!

  42. I wasn’t inviting you to share lunch recipes, skippy.
    I was inviting you to try and be more interesting.

  43. So it’s got to be all about you now? I think you’re just mad you didn’t think of it first! Either that or because I never let you fist me, I’m not sure which one, yet.

  44. Oh, my dear – no! Not at all, capn. Why, when I shove my hand up your pooper and work your mouth like a hand-puppet, your consent in the matter will be the very least of my concerns.
    I can assure you honestly and firmly of that. You have my word on it.

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