Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gotta Love LA

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  1. Fake.


  3. LA is the worst. I am surprised there isn’t a traffic jam there or someone getting robbed

  4. I think I vomited a little in my mouth there, get yo big nasty ass off that phone, speaking of which why the hell is there even a payphone left in 2012!?

  5. We can’t see the full picture, Keira Knightly Hero.

  6. I love watching Steeeever fail.

  7. Guy in the purple is having quite a looky

  8. sexy bitch

  9. I like my women like I like my coffee…strong, black, and bitter.

  10. Oh Frack! Eddie Izzard reference FTW! /crosses another off the list…./

  11. like Arthur replied I am shocked that a student able to earn $9035 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web link N u t tyR ich dot com

  12. right. somehow none of you fucking idiots have managed to see this image online anytime during the last 5 years when it has become a fairly popular image macro meme?

    I love watching stever fail, too, hackinyoshit. Although, I have to admit I’ve never seen him do anything but fail.

  13. ^Not everyone is an internet zombie,I know it’s like a totally foreign concept to you, but now you know. You can thank me later.

  14. ^I’ll thank you to shut the fuck up.
    Don’t presume to address me, you asshole.

  15. You address people as you fucking please, why am not able to address you? Oh yeah, coz you fancy yourself as some kinda internet god with all your little minions and shit.I am not part of your little fantasy, bitch.

  16. *I

  17. *I…what?
    suck only the hairiest of balls? finish your sentence, bitch. or are you too gutless?

  18. It relates to my previous comment you utterly stupid crotch stain, or do you avoid reading replies in fear of getting your feelings/butt hurt?

  19. Yeah. You just go ahead and project your feelings of inadequacy all over the shop. No one will even notice your bleeding vagina if you stamp your feet hard enough.

  20. Steeeever does not fail. I just continue to be awesome.

  21. ^it takes a special kind of horrifically stupid to refer to yourself in both the first and third person – using only two short sentences, and both of them utter fucking lies.

  22. Steeeever is the F’in man, hes the shit. I totally rock!

  23. is that what mommy says after she beats you, steve?

  24. What’s a f’in man?

  25. maybe he has a deformity?

  26. aah, after generations of in-breeding, steeevers family is now well known on the talk show circuit as the ‘shark-people of alabama’.. or something?

  27. as if steever is the most recognized lamebooker

  28. wait, steever is the most recognized lamebooker

  29. interesting thing about statistics is that, even though they are boring and fucking pedantic, they do not lie.
    there are more people with an IQ below 130 than there are people with an IQ above 100.
    and so, you have this overwhelming tide of real fucking ‘simple’ folk, stumbling around like they fucking think they’re human.

    ‘popular’ does not mean what your average, diseased media-trap of a mind is told that it means.

  30. But 82% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  31. ^ But only by 43% of the people. The other 56% don’t make them up… they get them from Wikipedia.
    (The remaining 1% declined to comment)

  32. MsAnne, yes, it’s depressing, but I.Q. is distributed normally (i.e. on a bell curve), so you’d expect a lot more people to appear below 130 than above 100. The mean of IQs is actually 100, and the proportion of people with IQs greater than 130 is less than 2%… 95% of the population have scores within two standard deviations of the mean (100).

    My concern is that I believe the general standard of intelligence is dropping, so the whole range is sliding to the left of centre. As a species, we’re fucked.

  33. yes, yes. we all knew that. my rant was more a critique on this modern concept of ‘popular’.

    apparently it means that if lots of the spastics in the workshop like it, it I’m supposed to not set fire to it, or something.

  34. By all means, set fire to Steeeever whenever you’re so inclined…

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