Thursday, July 12, 2012

Facebook’s New Instagram Filters

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  1. hootie the blowfish

    Well somebody wasted a whole lot of time to produce something not even close to anything resembling funny.

  2. I thought Le Swan was funny.

    But who cares? Because boobs.

  3. Yeah, I’m gonna go with hootie – not funny.

  4. More like an ad for Instagram

  5. Michael Cammalleri is fake.

  6. ^ I love this cyborg persona. So clever. Did you think of it in your blanket tent or your race car bed?

  7. Yeah his bed is a car, but it’s a fucking SWEET car!!!

  8. ^No doubt that you’ve seen it.

  9. Grandma’s Boy. Great fucking movie. I can’t stop cuming, it FEELS SO GOOD!!

  10. Terrible.

  11. Lamebook @dmin: Holy shit this is so fucking amazing, let’s post the first two twice. No one will mind having to scroll past all that fucking awesomeness.

    Me: Since when is the eiffel fucking tower ‘highbrow’? it’s just a fucking cellular repeater…


  12. You’ve started putting a line in your posts, I like it. Makes THIS shit highbrow.

  13. really? I was going for ‘fucking annoying’. ah well.

  14. I’ve been up the Eiffel tower. But only half way. Eiffel off.

  15. ^that’s an awful tower joke, asshole.

  16. MsAnne, those lines are not annoying. THESE ones are:

  17. beatus, you can stroke through me any day of the week.

  18. tramp

  19. only for beatus..

  20. nice work, beatusmongous

  21. Meh, make ’em go away and I’ll be impressed. 🙂

  22. never ever fucking do it again and I’D be impressed. But I have higher standards than you.

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