Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grandma Klepto

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  1. This is real.

  2. ^(10).

    This is fake. (1)

  3. This may or may not be real or fake.

  4. No alarms went off at the liquor store? What town is this? I want to live there.

  5. I fucked Laura. She was buying condoms behind that old lady.

  6. Laura Doesn’t use condoms.

  7. Not sure how the liquor store being robbed by an old lady is the moral of the story. Just seems like the subject, but ok Laura…

  8. It’s a joke, idiot. If you weren’t so worried about the literal interpretation, you might have caught the dumb and dumber reference.

  9. When is the baby due snooks? That is where you got your name right, grim your idol snooki

  10. Ask your boyfriend

  11. @8 …what’s the joke? Just seems like a funny story to me.

  12. Accusing someone of not catching the dumb and dumber reference is more compliment than insult, snooks.

  13. That is pretty funny.

  14. That’s not a moral, Laura. It’s the conclusion of your fucking inane story.

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  16. Does it count that I was fucking Laura while this event occurred?

  17. I just really hope that the ‘wine’ was thunderbird.

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