Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Couple of Smarties…

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  1. First, bitches

  2. Some real, classic stupid here. Slipping the stupid pills, I see.

  3. First one is fake, have seen that joke many times.

    Second is actually a legit question because many places celebrated the fourth on the weekend because it was on Monday.

  4. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Michael’s friends fail big time. I would totally have used the opportunity to explain to him that Ashton is actually in his fifties and just looks really good for his age. Just like his wife Demi is 48 and looks about 30.

  5. Colleen, do they have 4th of July in England?

  6. Michael: don’t taze me bro.

  7. Until they canceled the Grant Park fireworks last year, Chicago’s Independence Day concert and fireworks has been on the 3rd for the last forty years at least. This year the Independence Day concert was on the 3rd, but the fireworks are held elsewhere on the 4th.

  8. Does anyone else find additional humor in the fact that Ashton Kutcher’s character’s name on That 70s show was also Michael, and he was the moron of the show? Or is it just me?

  9. @queen1337
    I didn’t notice that, but now that you’ve brought it to my attention it makes it that much better.

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