Friday, March 18, 2011

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  1. 2nd one made me LOL, which is a lamebook first.

    also – stever muvvafukkers

  2. maybe it’s just cause i’m hungover as fuck but i do not understand the 2nd one AT ALL.

  3. Never mind. I looked up “frape”.

  4. Not a fan of the word “frape,” or really any term that desensitizes us to the actual act of rape.

    Now off my soapbox, the first one’s dumb, not least because the whore cousin for drunk eating is obviously Jack in the Box, or maybe Taco Bell.

  5. littleredcorvette

    Jack in the Box is superior to all other fast food. Taco Bell is the whore cousin, and McDonald’s is the trailer trash.

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    Around here Jack in the Box is like the booty call of fast food; you usually only go there when it’s late and you need a little something. It’s fantastic and keeps you coming back, but you just don’t go there during daylight hours.

    Suffering from Patty’s revenge Lulz?

  7. I started drinking at 1:30pm, passed out at 9pm, and woke up hungover at 3am and threw up until 5am. Who the hell is hungover at 3 in the fucking morning.

    Now I’m just tired. I really don’t want to drink anymore. Every single fucking time I get drunk [which is only like once a week MAYBE] I am throwing up the next day. not worth it.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    Damn Lulz, sounds like your body was celebrating St. Patty’s in a different time zone.

  9. hahaha i guess so. well it was dumb. throwing up gyros and tylenol is the worst.

  10. Even as a woman, I can sympathise with Nick. We are misleading creatures. First, we make out like we want something, and then, when it’s given to us, we change our minds, and say we don’t want it, but in actual fact, we really do want it. No really means yes, doesn’t it, lametothemin?

    That, or Nick is just ugly.

  11. And, Lulzy, come on over. We’ll get over our mutual hangovers together.

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    Gyros and tylenol, the ingredients of Your Big Fat Greek Hangover.

  13. Dawn of the Dan

    Dude, don’t do that.
    You can’t mix acetaminophen and large amounts of alcohol. You’ll fucking die.

  14. @littleredcorvette. Glad I’m not the only one

  15. I didn’t mix booze and tylenol. I fell asleep at 9am, and woke up at 3am hungover. THAT is when I took the tylenol [excedrin PM] to try and fall asleep. then i barfed.

  16. I meant 9pm. and woke up at 3am. gah.

  17. Meh, the third one was funny because it is true..

  18. Come on, Joshua. You know you love the game of rape.
    That’s the spirit!

  19. ifitwerentformyhorse

    1) Jack in the Box is obviously the cheap whore cousin.
    2) Joshua is gay.
    3) Nick should stop taking everything so literally.

  20. @20
    Refer to your number 3.
    I’ll add my own
    4) If you’re going to be critical, try not to criticize yourself.

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