Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Deadly Plan

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  1. If only there were some method of charging a phone within the confines of a moving car.

  2. I can’t remember the last time my phone’s battery lasted more than 15 hours anyway…..

  3. 99 Bottle of Beer on the Wall.

    The Wheels on the Bus.

    The Alphabet Game.

    Oh, the joys of traveling without modern technology.

  4. don’t forget I spy

  5. AJ lacks imagination. Diabolical would have been to slip a diarrhea inducing pill into Scott’s drink and ….. well, yall pretty much get the idea.

  6. ^ I have the feeling AJ is at a safe distance. However, things can still be done. Text him a hidden porn link.

  7. All you need for a fifteen hour car ride is sock puppets you can kill way more than just 15 hours with sock puppets.

  8. I somehow just don’t see Jack Nicholson playing AJ in the movie…

  9. We loved Hangman on those long rides to Miami.

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