Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Few Background Checks

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  1. what is that silver thing in #3?

  2. I think the guy in pic #1 has a great ass actually!

  3. Except the big nasty sore…

  4. @jupiter

    The theme in the club was Beach Party, the silver thing was an inflatable shark.
    Classy, I know.

  5. Haha, that last picture is hilarious, I feel pride for that “couple” and that now the whole of facebook now know that he has fingered what is probably a part time hooker from the looks of them her. Oh and that he obviously needs quite a lot more practise.

  6. *that “couple”, how now the whole of facebook now knows

  7. only one person (#41) bothered to note the extreme douchiness of the two dudes in the first pic – between mr. Tracksuit and mr. Bacardi breezer neither are worthy of those two girls. they aren’t even worthy of – more like

  8. oh, and what’s so mysterious about a bruise? you people act like he’s a leper for having a bruise on his ass? tough crowd.

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