Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Few Wins for Your Wednesday

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  1. WhooHoo! South Africans on Lamebook. Way to go Khulile, Kwanele and Kagiso.

  2. I’d rather see people suck dick for a cheeseburger, than swap a puppy for a case of beer, so good on you Brittany.

    I don’t like cheeseburgers, so no remuneration would be necessary for my services.

  3. On the Only Fools and Horses remake, I keep swinging between ‘interested to see how it turns out’ and ‘Steve Carrel as Del Boy? Fuck off.’
    But that article clinched it for me.
    Vince Vaughn as Boycie? Get out.

    Then again, Ben Stiller as Granddad just makes me think it’s a sick twisted joke 😐

  4. But if Father Sha offered me a case of his fantastic Belgian beer, then he’d be a very lucky man.

  5. Khulile, Kwanele, and Kagiso are real names, they probably sound funny when anglicised.

    Great seeing saffers on board, just when I had decided to stop commenting! 🙂

  6. Ahahaha, they gay guy one completely makes up for how sad the other three are.

  7. first one is code for ‘I have a great body! Look at my recently tagged pics to see what a great body I have!’

  8. Nantaise – You’re obviously nicer than I am; my variation of your analysis would have been “I am a shamelessly self-promoting whore”.

  9. I hate remakes, British Office = awesome.
    As are the early seasons of Ab Fab.

    But for mine, The Young Ones is my all time favourite classic British comedy. Thank God no one got their hands on that one.

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    Hope she’s not sucking dick for McDonalds cheeseburgers – those bad boys are only like $1. Either that or she needs to work on her skills.


    Can’t offer Belgian beer, but how about a nicely-aged California wine?

  11. Comments, after seeing the movie Sideways, I might just come on over, and if you take me on a wine tour of the Napa region, we’ll see what eventuates ok.

  12. CommentsAtLarge

    @ word

    A good portion of that movie was filmed not far from me – they have a “Sideways” Tasting Tour. First there, then Napa. 😉

  13. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    no one likes Mr. Bean? 🙁

  14. british comedy = love. everyone see the original death at a funeral before tyler perry kills another great movie

  15. I’ve seen it Hobo. I was like seven at the time. A word of advice to the people going to rent it, don’t let your children watch it.

    I wonder if Brittany pays extra for special orders or Value Meals?

  16. “Hey, you teenagers should grow up. I can judge anything I want without knowing the context because I have a university education which I feel I have to bring up because I’m insecure about my intelligence.”

  17. you do know that USA is not the only country in world right? u do know that english is not the only language in the world right? Khulile, Kagiso and Kwanele are South African names and they all have meanings. come for the world cup u’ll hear some names u can’t even pronounce. gotta Love S.A

  18. thepreviouspost

    Kagiso: pretty lame.
    And Brittany: instead of sucking dick for a cheeseburger, next time you should take it up yours for a whole value meal.

  19. @kgmilano, if we want to hear a lot of names we can’t pronounce we’ll just go off to the ghetto where people give their children such beautiful names as Treveonte, Dontrarius, Darquavius, and many others.

  20. Americans are too awesome to understand nerdy things like sarcasm and irony, mates.

  21. Mighty Boosh does rule.
    Though to get the full experience you need to watch it in 420D

  22. Brittany takes “Have it your way” to a whole new level.

  23. Is that Stoned Dumb Definition Troll?

  24. is Lydian a boy or a girl? maybe both? stupid fucking name though.

  25. @ HeSaidWhat: of course

  26. notsousual42, could not agree more, what an absolute piece of crap that recent “Death at a funeral” was.

    NoLongerTroll, yes, props for the Boosh. Never a better name for a character than Mr Susan. I love it.

  27. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I love a good British comedy, the Boosh, Black Books, Monty Python, etc are brilliant.

    Don’t discount the ability of Americans to make classy satire, though. When you consider that the American remakes are mainstream, and therefore usually shit – having been dumbed down for the average moron.

    What about The Daily Show? Jon Stuart is a genius!

    If you’d like to try some Australian humour, try The Chaser: (CNNN, The Chaser’s War On Everything), pretty much anything by Shaun Micallef: (Newstopia, The Micallef Programme)

    Any other suggestions, Word?

  28. Another great Aussie show.
    I don’t know if you can stream it online if you are OS.
    It’s worth a look.

  29. dietpill, I was a huge fan of the D-Generation. Their dubbing of the Lucky Grills show Bluey, and calling it Bargearse, will be forever in my mind as one of the funniest things ever.

    Rob Sitch is a genius, and I loved his work in Frontline too.

    I could think of more I’m sure mate, but gotta put the gladrags on and head to the pub.
    I’ll have one for you.

  30. @TylerDurdenUMD
    i thought Zulus in S.A gave their kids funny names. but they don’t top those u said. lol. do they even mean anything?

  31. lol

  32. I do love a bit of British comedy 🙂

    Love Father Ted, Monty Python etc…never seen Black Books, though I do like Bill Bailey’s stand up.

    The Office was ok…the one bit that did make me laugh was the stapler in the jelly. Genius!

    Then again, I’m also a big Friends fan – even though it’s overplayed and I’ve watched every episode numerous times, it still makes me laugh 🙂

  33. violently_caucasian


    Don’t mean to nitpick but father ted was irish comedy produced for an english channel.

    also “i dont know if the Irish get sarcasm and irony like we Americans” lololololololololol

  34. @knobjockey

    Father Ted and Black Books are two of the best shows EVER made!!

    Monty Python is legendary!!

    And Ricky Gervais is a one-trick-pony-sell-out who should be shot for selling the concept…

    ”Milligan, Cleese, Everett. Sessions.”

    Oh look!! There’s a leprechaun outside in the garden picking daisies!!! :O

  35. @RatherBeRiding

    Of course it was!!! TV in Ireland is shite!!! (yes I said shite…I’m a leprechaun…)

  36. @ Jujumushu

    TV here may be a bit on the rubbish side of things, but at least we’ve got JEDWARD to keep us smiling, right? (that’s sarcasm – see we do know what it means)

    At least our comedians are fantastic – David O’Doherty, Daire O’Brien, Dylan Moran and I really think everyone should check out Dead Cat Bounce.

  37. HA!! I would kill Jedward if I could…

    Yes…we seem to be a bunch of funny fuckers alright! 😀

  38. That American one is such a fool,would be the same as someone from here saying to her:

    “oh i thought you’re country was meant to filled with obese people,searching for McDonalds.Oh well,say hi to George Bush for me!”

    Typical stereotypes!:@
    Also,any comedy from the US is terrible with the few exceptions,so yes,we do get jokes,irony and sarcasm..ugh what a closed minded person getting their idea of Ireland from watching the St.Patrick’s Day simpsons where we all talk like complete idiots and live in the past,and the way they made fun of the north and south not getting on would be the same us making a joke about 9/11 like it was no big deal.

    Too many people were killed here in the fight for indepence and the divisions it created,car bombs are terriost attacks too no?


  39. Very true!!!

    However…I am a red(ish) haired, green eyed Irish girl who has a seeeeeerious drinking problem…

    I think I may be letting the side down a bit…

  40. btw bubbaa…you sound really like a guy in my year!!

  41. @Bubbaa

    I’m fairly sure that her saying the thing about leprechauns was a joke. I highly doubt that any educated person sincerely believes that there are little men dressed in green running around with pots of gold.

  42. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Word, I think I’m a bit young for most of them, sadly.

    It shouldn’t be, but I often find Media Watch one of the funniest shows on current TV. Jonathan Holmes and his dry wit.. it makes me… not dry..

  43. dietpill, totally agree about Media watch, and I also love seeing Marg and Dave go at it on the Movie show.

    I think they are really in love with each other.

    I’m sure you can get D-Gen (Late show) and Frontline on DVD at the ABC store.
    Definitely worth a look.

  44. dietpillpyramidscheme

    You ever see ‘Review: With Miles Barlow’?

    Not everyone’s taste, but brilliant, I thought.
    Plus, he engages David Stratton in a fist-fight!

  45. I’ve a friend from Chicago, like many American’s he has Irish family and so he came to visit and did a tour around the country. He went to the Guiness factory and texted me to tell me that “some guy from the Bronx just asked if Guiness was distilled from sheep” if someone can believe that, they can definitely believe there are leprechauns.

    Also, when we roadtripped America my friend told everyone we met that she was Bono’s daughter and said her name was bainne (irish for milk). Too funny.

  46. The Mighty Thor

    Adrian! Verily! It Doth Mjolnir, not Mjonir! The Mighty Thor doth not guide yon in yonder journey! The Mighty Thor was bat’ling his wicked step brother Loki, The God Of Mischief

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