Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Spot

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  1. Well done, Charlie!

  2. Chaarlie bit my finga!

  3. i dont get it

  4. Good analogy.

  5. Love love love love this! I wonder why this woman is so obsessed with it?

  6. she’s probably one of those old hags described in one of the comments yesterday who went through life having everything handed to her because of her looks. now that those times have passed she’s a bitter old bitch is obsessed with annoying the shit out of people for no fucking reason. we all know one.

  7. minus the ‘is’

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  9. Gay marriage will ruin the dignified institution that is heterosexual marriage. For example, look at anna3221’s post: Her best friend kaly is marrying someone she met on Sugardadmeet. So dignified!

  10. Another person who doesn’t understand the issue. It’s not about whether they are let to do what they want, but whether the state (public interest) will recognize an endorse it. Definitely an Obama voter.

  11. I get that homos want to be equal to everybody else; who doesn’t? That’s not rocket science. But why the fuck do they wanna get married? By getting married and partaking in a religious ceremony, they are supporting that which has held them back for so long. The church is an amazingly corrupt organisation that has stereotyped and abused the homosexual way of life for as long as anyone can remember, and will continue to do so long after our Great Grandchildren are gone. It’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.
    Imagine someone took a shit on your door mat. You’re gonna need a replacement, who better to buy it from than that very same person? You just wouldn’t fucking do it.

  12. @crustylovelips, sorry no one’s explained this to you yet: Gay people usually don’t give a shit about the religious ceremony, they just want the same rights that straight married couples have.

    For example, the whole reason this is in the supreme court now stems from a case where two women were married, and when one died the other couldn’t inherit the assets they’d amassed together without a huge tax (something a straight couple wouldn’t have to pay).

    In many states, the surviving partner of a same-sex marriage can’t even hold a funeral for their deceased spouse! Can you believe that? They can be married for decades, enough time for Britney Spears to be married literally thousands of times, and they can’t even hold a funeral for the person they’ve spent most of their life with. Whether you’re a democrat, republican, or whatever, you have to agree: that’s fucked.

    But your comment is a good example of how good the republicans have been at shaping the narrative: They’ve got people thinking that this is a religious issue, when it’s definitely not. It’s just about a group of people who aren’t given the same rights as everybody else.

  13. ^cheers. Still seems ridiculous they’d entertain the idea of getting married. Remove politics from religion and maybe it would make more sense.

  14. @CLL, I get where you’re comin’ from, though, since the term ‘marriage’ has a bunch of religious connotations. Obviously, no self-respecting gay person would really want to be part of a religion that’s consistently denied him/her equal rights.

  15. Seriously funny analogy. I like how it leaves you wondering WTF this lady’s issue is.

    #12 Yeah especially considering that this country is supposed to have a separation of church and state to begin with, and the 14th amendment pretty much already covers this, it’s extra frustrating to watch this issue devolve into areas that should have no place in the arguments.

  16. Government has absolutely NO standing in deciding who can get married and who can’t. The fact that anyone has to apply to the state for a marriage license infuriates me.

    And as far as the skank posting complaints about a woman maintaining lawful possession of her own property, fuck off. Don’t park in front of her house and she’ll return the favor by not parking in front of yours. She’s only serving notice to anyone who would attempt adverse possession, a process where a party may establish rights to a property they don’t own in perpetuity by squatting.

  17. #16 o.O Why on earth would you spend that much time typing bullshit?

  18. What’s with the religion argument, anyway? Marriage is a legal contract. The religious part is a tradition and completely optional. All people should have the same legal rights regarding marriage.

  19. Whilst I totally support gay marriage, I don’t think this is a good analogy. What does the house represent when we are referring to gay marriage? The house is still the woman’s property so to my mind she has a right to tell someone they cannot park in front of the house (yes, it is petty but it’s her house), whereas no one has any right to tell two people they cannot be married purely because they are the same sex.

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