Friday, February 14, 2014

A Handy Relationship

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  1. Who the hell jerks off with a reverse grip?

  2. Lucy Left is sure a lot prettier than Rosie Right.

  3. Palmela Handerson.

  4. If you keep masturbating, it’s your own fault if you end up blind.

  5. His girlfriend wears way too much makeup. She looks kinda trampy in my opinion.

  6. She must like the back door.

  7. I’d tap dat.

  8. Interesting choice with the green eyes.
    She’s more than a handful.

  9. That’s kinda anus looking….

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  11. ^ great comeback to StupidGerman! Ha ha, that will showhim . Witty, yet with taste and no vulgarity. Love your posts

  12. Those captivating green eyes.

  13. Try cleaning under your nails once in a while. That might work.

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