Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Healthy Relationship

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  1. first.

    seriously not even the worst tat ive ever seen

  2. I think there should be some sort of zombie plague to put an end to shit like this once and for all.

  3. I think it’s up because she got a lover’s name in the first place, not because it’s a bad tat.

    IMO it’s a stupid cover-up.

  4. Yawn

  5. penis

  6. poor dan and his short guy issues

  7. Photo 1: Quick Honey, look! Mummy is getting herself fit by exercising like a dead eyed money grabbing pole slut!

    Photo 2: I once made the mistake of having my thirty-third wife’s name tattooed on my Hymansnapper… I felt like a right knobface when Taramasalatahyphoncumchin and I split up.

  8. Yeah, gettin fit 🙂 I also teach it. So lol at dead eyed monkey grabbing pole slut. That’s a new one. Nice try at an insult 🙂 Fortunately for me, I will never be ashamed of pole dancing 🙂

  9. @Sasha Please leave the monkey out of this, I’m sure he’d appreciate you grabbing his pole, but this is neither the time nor the place.

    I think you are a very positive advertisement for ‘pay me for gyrating about a pole with very little clothing on’ …. more power to you!

  10. What’s wrong with having a stripper pole in the house?

  11. It’s not really gyrating….. But whatever lol. And you can’t exactly wear pants or you wouldn’t stick to the pole and then you’d fall off… There’s a reason for the little amount of clothing.

    Nothing is wrong with having a pole in your house! Haha it’s awesome 🙂

  12. @zomboid: Dan is 6’2″ lol.

  13. What does the red part of the tat say??

  14. Lame-o: VOID

  15. i understand that poledancing might be a good work out…but isn’t it a little bit of a bummer that it’s history is based on a practice of directly objectifying and degrading women? why would you want a stripper pole (a literal symbol of that history) in your home?

  16. good point mable. It’s just modern society’s version of the belly dance. Women now pay money to go to classes and learn how.
    Maybe it’s fun for them?

  17. Please don’t insult a very old traditional dance like “belly dancing”. Just because some women choose to belly dance in public, doesn’t make it the same as “pole dancing”. Aside from that… well, pole dancing should be a fun thing to try and a good workout. Never tried it though. xD

  18. btw.. comparing belly dancing and pole dancing is the same as comparing tango to the waltz. Both are dancing. Both are fun. But extremely different. Do you’re research

  19. Do *your* research, princess.

    both have their origins in women gyrating about like sex zombies for the viewing pleasure of men; either for money or slavery or whatever.
    I’m gonna go ahead and add lap-dancing to this list of
    ~belly dancing
    ~pole dancing
    ~lap dancing

    I’m not saying I don’t like whores, I’m just sayin’ – Face facts, sweetheart.

  20. First. thank you for correcting me. You’re right. I didn’t notice my mistake. It is in fact “your”. I’ sorry, english isn’t my first language.
    As for the rest of your post, I’m not even sure I should comment. It is both insulting and completely ignorant.
    Belly dance, wasn’t even supposed to be danced in front of men. Women used that to learn how to be women and also to help the body prepare. Did you know that a woman who belly dances suffers less during labour for example?
    The fact that there are women who chose to popularize this dance doesn’t make the dance itself slutty.
    Also , consider the cultures from which belly dancing originated. Muslim cultures. Where the woman dances only for the man she marries. It was supposed to be this simple.
    I also would very much appreciate if you didn’t call me princess or sweetheart since I do not know you and you have no idea who I am.
    Face facts – belly dancing and pole dancing are different.

  21. Wow. I never thought I would bother replying to anything on here (hell, normally I don’t even read the comments), but as a strong, independent feminist who’s been a professional bellydancer for 15 years, I felt I had to say a little something… MsAnneThrope- you have no idea what you are talking about. The dancing colloquially known as “belly dance” has its origins in the folk dancing of the Middle East and North Africa. It was first referred to as “belly dance” by a promotor at the Chicago World’s Fair, who wanted to make it sound scandalous – which it was – to the highly-repressed Puritan-based society it was being introduced to. The costuming at the time was a long robe with a hip scarf – the naughty nature of the dance had to do with the use of hip movements in the dance. If belly dance is going to be considered “whorish” then so is the polka and Irish step dancing – they also have their origins in folklore, which, to be fair, often does have a fertility component. Oh, and don’t forget to add Polynesian, West African, Samba, Cambodian, Classical Indian… shall I go on??? To class it with the likes of pole dancing and stripping is offensive on too many levels to list.

  22. nah. if it dresses like a whore, has tassels on its tits & shakes its ass in my face ~ like a whore ~ then I’m going to describe it as slutty.

  23. And I like whores.
    So you should probably stop alienating your fan base with tight-assery and pompous bullshit.
    Belly dancing is about sex. And if you’re being paid to do it…in front of strangers…
    At least pole-dancers are honest.

  24. My fan base doesn’t consist of ignorant twats like yourself. I have never performed at an all male event, but regularly perform at weddings and family-oriented retirement parties. Never seen a pole-dancer do that (though if they do, then all the power to them). However – you are obviously too stupid to be cured by reality, so you can crawl back to your titty-filled hole and I’ll get on with my life. Have a nice day, sweetie 🙂

  25. Oh no no, cb! Passive-aggressive smilies aside, I have some interesting facts for you; – primarily, your personal version of reality isn’t necessarily how non-whores see things.

    Belly dancing isn’t ‘healthy and empowering’. If you bought that bullshit – then you are not just a whore, but a stupid whore.

    Even at weddings and ‘family orientated retirement parties’ (yikes!) – the men are all imagining you naked, and the women are all imagining you dead.
    YOU have a nice day, sweetie, and remember that your dancing gives your grandfather a boner – and then you get paid, like a whore.

  26. I work at a strip club. I serve food and listen to music.

    If you’re dancing in front of a crowd, then yeah, it can be seen as whoreish. I plan on getting my own pole for my house. Why? I don’t play sports, I don’t run, I walk to work and run around carrying things at work, and I will be walking my nana’s dogs. I want a form of exercise that I’ll actually enjoy. I want strong arms, mine are weak. My legs are a lot stronger, but I want to have that strength. In order to actually spin around on a pole, you need to be really fucking strong.

    And sure, I wouldn’t mind putting on a private show for my man sometimes. Why not, right? I’m getting it so I can have an awesome and healthy form of exercise. So stop generalizing. Same with the belly dancing. I know people who belly dance and they’re anything but whores. -.-” Each person is different, and dance how THEY want to. Don’t try to generalize.

  27. Well… some people will imagine you naked and get a boner what ever you do. Doesn’t make you a whore.

    Some people will see sex everywhere. When Waltz was invented it was considered horribly indecent… the men were HOLDING THE WOMEN BY THEIR WAIST!!! 😯

    And to think that they show belly dancing in national television in Middle East!!! AT DAY TIME! WITH KIDS WATCHING!!! 8-o Thank heavens we have MTV so that children see something decent and appropriate and don’t get wrong ideas about sex and women!

    Pole dancing evolved from a circus act called Chinese poles. Sure, people considered all circus people whores too. Just like all carnival people, all actors, all performers of any kind…

    Sure, stripping is all about arousing men sexually, and both belly dancing and pole dancing have been used as part of the act, and as long as there are men who are ready to pay for watching lingerie clad women dance – with or without a pole – good for the industry. But as most strip clubs have a very strict “watch, don’t touch” policy, it really isn’t any different from most music videos. There are guys who wank off with Victoria’s Secret catalogue. If you think all these models, artists and dancers are whores, you do that. No-one cares.

  28. No one cares enough to write 4 paragraph rant on whoring to defend whores? Thank fuck.
    Because that would be really tedious. Informative, but ultimately tedious, and considering the forum – pointless as well.

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