Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More than a Game!

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  1. Memo?

  2. Mafia Don: ‘Heya Vinnie, why’s dere a Indian tied up in my office?’
    Vinnie: ‘Boss, you told me to take a Memo!’

  3. penis.

  4. These people are the future

  5. B and B

  6. Somebody please shoot Akhil and Ajay in the face for even buying that “game”?

  7. Does it make me a lame outsider that I had to google “MW3”?

  8. I too also did a cock-vomit in my grundies when I got MW3 in my hands…

    Ah nope.. sorry… A dead squirrel…I dick squirted when I had a dead squirrel in my hands.

  9. I’m so tired of the find a girlfriend jabs at gamer men. Fuck you tools. I’m a gamer AND I’m a woman. I’m married to a gamer man. No, we are not fat, ugly or living in either of our parents basements. /rant

  10. Lexi. Photos or shut up, fatty.

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