Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Winnin’

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  1. Saundrah? Really?

  2. American names are funny…

  3. “Repeat the next task”? Um, if you’re repeating a task, it’s not the next one, it’s the LAST one. Durrrr. I think we now have at least one solid clue as to why Saundrah is such a shitty programmer.

  4. “Repeat process with the next task”. Better?

  5. penis.

  6. I’d like pictures of John’s penis to see if it is worth admiring. I suspect it is not.

  7. ^You suspect right

  8. I was disappointed with MW3, I thought it was going to be more realistic…

    I was hoping to get to run around shooting Allies in the back and bombing shit like schools, hospitals and relief centres… There was very little degrading prison rape content either… massive let down.

  9. Cheese, you mean you can’t even machinegun Reuters reporters and small children from helicopters? Just how unrealistic IS this game?
    Can you at least invade random houses, handcuff children, and shoot them in the head? They’ve got to give SOME of the army experience!

  10. Nope, none of that.

    Not even a basic ‘Breaking the Geneva Convention’ function that allows you to torture indiscriminately en masse has been included.

    What a cop out.

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