Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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  1. That’s not her ring finger?

  2. Call the number!!

  3. I’d have shot that cat if I saw it

  4. Elizabeth, in the U.S. (which this undoubtedly came from) a person’s ring finger is on his/her left hand. This is Erin’s right.

  5. Codename Dutchess

    Erin looks like she got her tattoo in jail also, but I suppose that’s the best work two Honey Buns and a bag of Corn Nuts will get a person.

  6. I’d cockrodeo that Kitty all over the fucking shop.

    It wouldn’t be the first AIDS riddled pussy i’d chanced my luck on.

  7. hootie the blowfish

    So do the brains behind Lamebook think nobody who ever goes to jail has a significant other? Why is every single instance of a person mentioning their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend behind bars seemingly warrant inclusion on this site? Who cares, and what makes it funny?

  8. why does kitty aids gotta be black

  9. The FIVs is very common and is kitty AIDs. Cats with the FIVs do need to be monitored and get meds for it. Why is that lamebook worthy?

  10. Throwingtofu, there is a ring finger on each hand. Moron.

  11. Codename Dutchess

    hootie– I dont think the humor was soley in that she’s choosing to date/marry/whatever someone who’s involved in a life of crime but that she’s dumb enough to get a mans name tattoo’d on her finger and post it for the world to see. Plus it looks like shit. The “oh he’s in jail” is just the icing on the cake of dumbass.

  12. also hootie, look how fat her hands are. I’m gonna mock her freaky bloated criminal-loving hands. And her shitty chipped cheap pink nail polish.
    I bet her partner is in prison for sexually interfering with children.

  13. Poor thing! I really hope that kitten gets found and medication.

  14. Next person that insults a cat will be roasted alive over a period of three days and have to listen to Blink 182 the whole time.

  15. The only thing worse then a cat is TWO cats.

  16. advertising that your lost cat is ill is the best way to get him back… i had a diabetic cat once, and it worked like a charm… no one wants to steal a sick cat who needs shots every day…

    even if he weren’t sick, i’d still say he was just to get him back… does that make me a liar?

  17. the phone number is 504-239-4363

  18. I don’t understand why the cat one is funny. It’s not as if Feline Immunodeficency Virus (FIV) isn’t a real disease. It’s not as if FIV is not frequently referred to as cat AIDS.

  19. # 1, #4 You do have two ring fingers, one on each hand.

    #10 They were obviously refering to the ring finger that wears the engagement and wedding rings- it’s always the left.

    #4 It’s not just in America, it’s a western standard

    Hootie- IMHO, it doesn’t matter what you say, if you’re the type that has a jailbird spouse and are vocal about it, I’ll always deem you lamebook worthy. It’s not something to aspire to or to be proud of.

  20. … and just for you Hawkbit: The cat rminds me of everything that’s ugly in the world. I hate cats, diseased or not.

  21. My cat has FIV, and we have to be so fricking careful. If he goes outside, he has to be supervised, in case he wanders out of our vision. If he gets lost, hell will break loose – it’s not just his safety we have to worry about, but the neighbourhood cats. I don’t want to have to tell the child next door that my cat gave her precious little kitty a terminal illness

    tl;dr Cat AIDS is srs business gais

  22. Throwingtofu, I know that which is why I said “that’s not her ring finger”. I was questioning it because it seemed like she thought it was.

    idontknow – I think it’s pretty clear we’re talking about the wedding ring finger. Who’s the moron?

  23. lollius – just have the fucking thing put down. There are plenty of cats needing homes that DON’T have AIDS.

  24. @Saffer No, it’s *not* always the left and, and it’s *not* a “western standard”.

    Provincial much?

  25. *Warms up the oven

  26. Prove me wrong, isi.

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