Friday, September 24, 2010

A Helping Hanger

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  1. What’s with the abortion theme lately?

  2. That will go down as a classic.

  3. It took me a good two minutes to find out what was lame about this post, and when I clued in, I shat bricks.

  4. DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ladyrisk:

    I think it’s something like Pro-choice month or something. It’s at every college campus I’ve been to.

  6. that’s not lame, it’s brilliant. Glad that Friday is not ending on the Dominique post!

  7. It’s beautiful.

  8. I feel so bad, but I can’t help but laugh at taboo, horrible, controversial subjects.

    Uncertainty: It’s only confusing until someone answers your worries by walking towards a closet. (I suck at jokes, but I tried, damnit!)

    I read a post one that said something like “Today, I accidentally locked myself out of my car, so I went into a nearby building and asked for a hanger. It was an abortion clinic. FML” That’s not verbatim, the story was deleted by the site.

  9. This isn’t lame, just fucked up.

  10. on*

  11. PMSL

  12. brilliant.

  13. Urgh *puke*

  14. That is despicable.

  15. Yeah.. I don’t get it..

  16. Hang yourself.

  17. @15 – Coat hangers are often used as a means of aborting an unborn fetus. You insert the coat hanger into the vagina and pop that baby like a zit. Voila! THIS BABY DEAD.

  18. I do apologize for my apparent ignorance, but I’m just not familiar with that term. Abortion is quite a taboo subject here, or at least we don’t have any coat hanger jokes.

  19. OMG.

  20. @savagediana (or really, to anyone who knows how to do this)
    How do you get a picture with your comment on LB?

    Off subject, but since I’ve already spoken my piece, I just wanted to throw a question out here.

    Thanks in advance for any and all replies. 🙂

  21. LOL @fealkj!!! THIS BABY DEAD. So wrong yet so hilarious!

  22. Good call. I hate wrinkly babies.

  23. &#9818

  24. sigh, the combination of a missing semicolon and general failure of my stupid laptop’s trackpad ™ makes me think I should cease my effort at contributing, ciao ♚

  25. ☝ How cute!

  26. A shove down the steps from the third floor will work also. This is exceptionally useful if she is not willing to have an abortion.


  27. @ defective It has the added bonus of possibly injuring her enough that she becomes sterile. Think for the future, I always say.

  28. …this is it? Usually there’s at least a few of these pictures.

  29. Keona go to

  30. Thank you, Saffer.

  31. I feel so bad for laughing at this…

  32. you’re welcome!

  33. Back in the Swinging Sixties when abortion was illegal i performed many of these so called ‘Backstreet Operations’

    My weapon of choice was indeed the wire coat hanger, the operation itself was a bit like a cross between the board games Gone Fishing! and Hungry Hippos.

    except with coat hangers and dead babies.

  34. an episode from ‘Wire in the blood’ would seem appropriate

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