Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Key Point

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  1. stolen from jimmy carr on QI.

  2. Still a stupid joke. But I guess I am under the assumption that women are not property like a car is. But I guess I might be bias, as I am a woman.

  3. Not quite the take-away message you’d hope for…

  4. Well, sometimes you car decides to be really mean to you, and puts you in harm’s way, and acts up when you really need it to support you. That’s the time when you tell your ‘friends’ how great your car is, in the hope that someone would take it off your hands, and you can get yourselves a new one.

  5. ^ What size headlights does your car have?

  6. -facepalm-

  7. Chris Brown?

  8. My friend beatus, when the car DEMANDS new seat covers, car spa treatments, fancy wheel covers, premium oil, and much more, and all those at regular intervals, and only at the places which cost an inordinate amount of money; the headlights lose their shine really really fast.

  9. ^ I hope she’s at least fun to drive.

  10. Yeah, beat that fucking whore wife. Oil her anus and pussy up, then go ballzdeep in that bitch, both holes. Once she’s gagging for more, fuck her throat silly and cum on her tonsils.

  11. how old r u elsior? im startin 2 think ur parents have a parental block on ur phone keepin u off porn ur bringin porn (w/o pics) 2 lamebook..heres some advice 4 u..start a twitter acct. n u can get back 2 jerkin off n stop makin ppls eyes hurt

  12. Alfa, one thing to say to you: PUT YOU DICK IN MY ASS AND FUCK! By the way I’m 44.

  13. Whatever, I laughed.

  14. no thanks into chicks..matter of fact dats all I put my dick into..but I appreciate da offer though..n best of wishes w da twitter acct..n who knows..if ur into gay porn u might find some there

  15. But feel free to beat another mans wife if he pisses you off, it’s not YOUR wife!

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