Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!

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  1. I do like it when people manage to stay friends after a break up.

  2. If somebody could just go ahead and read all of this, and provide a brief summary. That would be greaaaat.

  3. “My ex girlfriend is really friendly and generous. She just LOVES to share!”

  4. Wow. You don’t write stuff like that unless you really liked someone and still kinda do. So, this is kind of embarrassing for him.

  5. I don’t get it

  6. ^^we know you don’t. we fucking know.

  7. goodgodno, his ex-girlfriend is easy with her affections and he was lucky he didn’t get hepatitis from her because he was dumb enough to have sex with her without a condom.

  8. If anyone actually read all of that – I think you deserve to win one free internet

  9. what a skank

  10. I read the whole thing. Do I get free internet, Hermaeus Mora? 😀

  11. Wow. I don’t care about what that nasty slut did. Why did you have to share all that shit? Motherfucker kinda deserves Hep C.

  12. I really liked the “Now everyone can HEPATITIS C you for who you really are” part though.

  13. Of course this is one of those guys who can call a girl a dirty skank but never think for one second that statement might actually say something pretty awful about him too.

    His whole fucking post just gave me Hep C I think.

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