Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Knock at Nick

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  1. First!!!!

  2. darn it, hysteria!

  3. Ha! I read that 1st as “The addict licked me out cause I wouldn’t lend him money to get high”!

  4. #3 Hahahahaha that’s so funny! I read Justins’ comment as “That kid is into bestiality” but he wrote beastiality. Pfff, I almost got very upset because sex with animals is just not done. Oh darn it is time for my medication already.

  5. Choosy dog lovers choose Jif.

  6. I changed my mind, sorry. I think Nicole doesn’t like sucking cock/gobbling down goo, while Sizzle probably has little of an issue with either and peanut butter is a hell of a lot cheaper than flowers.

  7. @Georgev420 Sizzle is the dog and Nicole the upset ex-girlfriend of a guy called Justin. Peanut butter is something you eat on bread, sometimes in combination with jelly.

    /End of Preemptive Wallace

  8. “You gotta love it”

  9. Ah for fuck sake. It’a a bagel with peanut butter I’m trying to eat.

  10. #7 ftw! 🙂

    Curly, no wonder you’re throwing up! try it on toast

  11. That is just fucking sick!

    I mean, who uses Smooth instead of Crunchy?! Twisted Sicko.

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