Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lil’ TMI

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  1. I <3 grandpa porn.



  2. Oh hi there steeever,,,,

  3. 2 Stevers are always better than none.

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    What would happen if steeever had a kid with Steeeever?

  5. If Steeeever had sex with me, it would be almost as retarded as Steeeever’s normal posts.

  6. If it were anything like Steeeever it would come out backwards!

  7. If me (the real) Steeeever had sex with (fake) steeever, the offspring would come out missing a few chromozones looking and acting like reveeeets.
    Luckily, we don’t have to worry about this. I’m like a praying mantis; and after mating, I rip their head off and eat them.

  8. I’ve been reading LB for over a year, and I still have no idea what this whole “steeever” thing is about…. anyone care to enlighten me? o.o

  9. Steeever is an autistic child that Lamebook supports

  10. torties – if you’re going to say stupid shit like that, make sure you put the proper number of e’s in the name.

    Original retard Steeeever has 4 e’s.

    All other trolls have various amounts.

  11. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah torties, you mess with one Steeever, you mess with all derivatives of Steeeever or Steeeeeeever or……….ah jeez there are too many of them.

  12. Hey (fake) Steeever,
    Torties knew exactly what they were talking about and did get the correct # of e’s.
    Basically foxxie, I am just so awesome that all these idiots want to copy my balls.

  13. Bloody hell all you Steee(e)vers … you’re confusing the shite out of me now!

  14. As for the posts, that’s the perfect vag temp? I better go check.

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