Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. I just saw someone’s post about Caley Anthony and the angles. I was tempted to write, “that’s acute,” but I’m so board with the same misspelled posts.

  2. Oh, I forgot. Steeevvveeerrrr. Or whatever.

  3. This is how it went when #5 was asked about her tattoo:

    friend: it’s awesome and i’ve always loved the cheshire cat… but why does it say “where”?

    girl: its suppose to…..its connects here with where, its a play of words

    friend: oh ok

    boyfriend: I told you people wernt going to get it and say that!

    girl: and idc lol some people just cant think deep enough, thats what the worlds come too

  4. I’m impressed that Dionze can predict her son’s first nocturnal emission like that.

  5. It takes him eight days? Now, that is endurance. Impressive. But how does his mother know this?

  6. Wow the last one has got to be the ugliest tattoo I have ever seen

  7. @Oatmealandi Actually I have to disagree on that one, besides the mispelling I think it is pretty neat.

    Not a fan of tattoo’s tho

  8. Did no one else see the Cheshire Cat tattoo and think ‘pedo cat?’

  9. I’m picturing myself as a guy doing the last girl from behind, and having that vile thing staring back at me. I’d find it more than a tad off-putting.

  10. @wordpervert; Just make her wear a shirt. Unless seeing as it’s her sixth tattoo she might have more like that in other places.

  11. Do you often think of yourself as a man giving a girl one word? Maybe we should have a chat before the wedding…..

  12. One day I’d like to be the person to correct someone’s tattoo. I should start making dumber friends.

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