Monday, September 12, 2011

Everybody Hurts

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  1. Believe it or not, many teachers are shithouse spellers!

  2. I’m a teacher, and Todd is so wright about that.

  3. Wait, what kind of 2 year olds have homework??

  4. Kids in Year 2 are actually 7.

  5. Wtf is a year 2? It’s second garde, learn to right.

  6. @internet_noob: Believe it or not – and this may come as quite a shock to you – not everybody is from the US. Learn to not be the centre of the universe.

    Also, *write.

  7. (Oh, and *grade)

  8. /facepalm next time I’ll type in my special sarcasm font, just for you dendodge.

  9. Also hyphens are not the proper way to show the reader a pause us required, that’s what commas are for.

  10. Actually that’s a common misconception of commas. Commas are there to seperate clauses…
    If the writing is good enough the pause should be apparent in the text.

  11. @dendodge: There are many commentors here that would assume someone who “wrights” like Todd is from the U.S. Wherever you’re from, if you want to claim him as one of your own, I don’t think those of us in the U.S. would mind.

    Oh, and internet_noob totally trolled you. In a supremely obvious manner.

  12. Can’t people not ignore squiggly red lines?

  13. well hawkbit, can people learn to avoid double-negatives?

  14. What the hell is Todd talking about? Fr his homework?

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