Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can you blame the guy??

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  1. I can agree on some Bosses being douches. But I can also agree that you are a dumbass.

  2. With that attitude sonny, you won’t get a job anywhere.

  3. So he knew his boss was about to give him a dirty look when he started typing that status?

  4. I fucked your boss.

  5. Don’t worry, someday you’ll dafigure out what ‘wasting company time’ is, dumbass. Most likely at a job with a name tag.

  6. Again, Lamebook!
    We god damn need the picture of the person, stating such stuff.
    Otherwise we don’t know, if she’s pretty enough to be this dumb, or if she’s just lost goods.

  7. ^ What if the mystery dumbass was a guy?

  8. Then his boss clearly wasn’t gay!

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