Monday, June 24, 2013

A Man of His Word

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  1. Paranoid Android72



  2. You’re a douchebag for posting the the first post anyway.

  3. He forgot the ‘r’ in ‘your’ and he did not capitalize the ‘I’ so therefore Robert is not a man of his word.

    Also, I’m loving Samantha’s rape-face photo.

  4. Dawn of the Dan

    Shoulda gone with “I’m too stupid to copy and paste.”
    Although I guess he did, in a way.

  5. he is a douchebag, b/c that’s not funny.

  6. Why did Samantha censor the word “nose?”

  7. Samantha is just his drag queen name.

  8. no you can’t. you have ugly eyebrows

  9. What the fuck was he expecting?

  10. Robert has the haircut of a teenage boy who makes his little sister keep ‘secrets’….

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  12. Should have just made him say “Can I suck your cock” but also tag just one of his friends.

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