Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Mouse in the House

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  1. dumb.

  2. What kind of low-life piece of useless garbage sprays a mouse with Windex and thinks it funny? Steve, I hope some day karma punches you in the face for being a rotten example of a father and sad excuse for a man.

  3. Show of hands….How many of you remember the last discussion we had about mice on here?

  4. Scurvy, did you even read the post? Steve didn’t do this, Tricia did. It sounds like Steve came upon this situation and was properly horrified. Also, with the mention of the holidays in the comment, I’m betting this is a niece or little cousin this happened to, not his daughter.

  5. Another fuck named Steve.

  6. Go to hell Tricia

  7. That bitch needs dressing up as a giant mouse and being thrown in the lion enclosure at the zoo.

  8. Scurvy – it also never says she thought it was funny

  9. Tricia, you do realize that you can just throw them outside…

  10. Wtf?

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