Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Shocking Status

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  1. #1 – lol, touche.
    #2 – meh
    #3 – lololol!!
    #4 – didn’t bother to read after “I WUZ”

    oh and, FIRST!!!!!!

  2. People need to start posting more funny shit.

  3. There was an earthquake?

  4. I like the third one because it’s so true. A 5.8 magnitude earthquake in a well-developed area is not that big a deal.

  5. Dear God won’t someone think of the sunscreen bottles!!!!!!

  6. The first one was asking for it, lol. The last one and the second one are… just smh.

  7. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I like that she gives the full name of her friend who was beating his meat, and that LB didn’t blur it.

  8. I really can’t stomach reading the African American vernacular posts on here, it makes me feel a combination of drunk and seasick with someone yelling at me in CAPS!

  9. Ebonics-to-English translation:

    I was attempting to catch the attention of a couple of particular attractive ladies who were walking outside my apartment, when I felt a tremor from the floor. I entertained the possibility that the phenomenon was caused by my downstairs Caucasian neighbor, so I called out to him:

    “My good man, would you do me a favor and be a little less rambunctious?”

    Soon thereafter, my walls also started trembling, causing me to exclaim:

    “I must say, sir! Whatever is going on down there?”

    Then I went outside and purchased a meal at a store of the fast-food francise McDonald’s, where a great number of other people were also waiting to place their order.

  10. @enolareverof I hope it didn’t take you long to come up with that, ‘cos it was, in. no. way. what. so. ever. FUCKINGORIGINAL.

  11. @crustylovelips: Not as original as your novel approach to punctuation, I see.

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