Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sloshy Status

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    1st!!!! FTW!!!!!!!

  2. I’d try too forget too if my name was Sweta.

  3. to*

  4. 64 people liked that? Beats my record likes…

  5. Sweta … I drove you home, you didn’t have the fare so you blew me. The other passengers were ‘uncomfortable’, as were your neighbors (wondering why a city bus was parked in front of your house, I suppose) but in the end it was worth it… thanks. Hope this helps?

  6. In case anyone missed it, Marcus’ last name is Hawkins.

  7. Hey Kids do you enjoy tricky puzzles?!

    Then why not cut Sweta up into small irregular chunks of flesh and then try to put her back together again like a big corpsey jigsaw?!

  8. perfect spot to post this kid drinking video:

  9. *addition

  10. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s “addition” if he’s referencing the expansion of the family. But he could mean “edition”, as though he were referring to the baby as though it were a DVD re-release or special version of a line of cars. It’s close enough for a pass from me.

  11. the new daddy one is too cute lol

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