Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hung Up on the Past


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  1. classy

  2. wut.

  3. THATS a dealbreaker.

  4. i will never marry her. she is fucking insane.

  5. It wonders why it isn’t married

  6. That bitch is insane.

  7. These women hear circus music. All the time.


  9. lamebook gold

  10. There’s a treasure trove to say about what’s wrong with this

  11. Heather does not know the meaning of ‘TMI.’

  12. @37 it goes both ways… society is deteriorating.

  13. @12
    I totally agree! holy shit your post made me laugh out loud!
    That chick is nuts

  14. You had me at dorkbutt..

  15. @Ola I now have to clean dr. pepper off my screen and keyboard…

  16. Uh, if he says he doesn’t want to marry her and will only marry her is if she signs a prenup, he obviously doesn’t take their relationship too seriously. The fact that she STILL wants to marry him, and thinks that badgering him into it is the way to go, completely dumbfounds me.

    My god woman!!! “If he wants me to sign a pre-nup, means he doesn’t love…”

    If you don’t want to sign the pre-nup…that only means you in the relationship for the money!!!Fucking gold-diggers!!!

  18. Doesn’t make her a gold-digger. Just means she loves him enough that she honestly thinks it will never end and doesn’t even want to consider the idea of divorce.

    Of course, depending on what kind of relationship they have, this is probably rather naive. But you never know – could be “true love.”

  19. deffinatly doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger, It would really get under my skin if I was asked to sign one.
    If you love your parter enough you wouldnt want her to sign one.

    Plus, there is nothing wrong with her, people who commit suicide are selfish, kill themselfs to run away from problems, when they can be fixed. There are certain reasons for it to be not so selfish, – rape and ect but, killing yourself over a female, fuck that shit.
    now thats LAME

  20. She’s at least 23 and calling someone a ‘dorkbutt’. Also she’s been with her new guy almost 6 years and ‘loves’ him enough to marry him, yet she’s still very bitter about a guy who did her wrong at least 5 years previously and is now dead. Not only that, but she’s bragging about beating someone up over it?

    Oh my life. She is a fucking psycho.

  21. Dear Heather, when he said he didn’t want to get married he did not leave off “…for another 5 years at least” . He ment he didn’t want to get married to YOU.

  22. “He won’t do it til he is ready, men are clueless.”

    And it’s idiots with this mentality which is why divorce rates are so high.

  23. WikidJuggaloPanda

    @3 Jane: EPIC fucking win

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