Thursday, October 15, 2009

I See London, I See France

I See London I See France

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  1. This could well be real, and silly people don’t only exist in the USA. In my first year of Uni one girl at my hostel seriously said this: “So, did the Nazis win? I never really looked it up.”
    Faith in mankind: forever shaken! 😛

  2. did they really at library?
    i mean, Alex really a student?

  3. @Sarah

    I was born in the early 90s and can honestly say that I don’t know a single person that idolizes Miley Cyrus. I’m pretty sure it’s more of the “peepz” that are born in the 2000s.

  4. @ i’m not from texas

    I totally get what you’re saying but I am and Aussie and while we might not have as many people living here as in the US, our country is about the same size. I might not be able to tell the diff between Texas and Alabama accents but I can tell when someone has an American accent (and I doubt you could tell the difference between a northern and southern aussie accent).

    But seriously English and French accents are totally different, it’s not about how small a country is its about how stupid people are and how ignorant they are of the rest of the world (that may sound a little harsh but I’m only referring to the Alex-Mel minorities of the world)

  5. French people do not speak english with their accent. they speak french. so when they learn english as a second language it has a french accent. 😐 i cant believe this is serious

  6. witness signature

    This entire dialogue belongs on “Lamest of Lamebook”. Seriously, people. Get a grip.

  7. typical american, too retarded to realise that he is actually speaking a foreign language. The English language, oddly enough, is fron England.

  8. @basket: So I’m guessing it was the American people who decided to take “fron” and turn it into “from.”

    If you’re going to call a “typical American” retarded, remember to spell check your insults.

  9. lol, internet.

  10. Americans. Sigh.

  11. Ahhhh, the USA people…

  12. Not all americans are that stupid. That’s a shitty assumption to make. I’ve talked to people in Europe that didn’t know anything about where I live and I didn’t care.

    Some people just don’t care enough to learn these things, and that’s their fault. It doesn’t matter where they are from.

  13. This is sounding familiar… I’m English and always wondered why the guy in the seven eleven in Vancouver used to talk to me in French, until one day he asked me where I was from. When I said England, he said “that’s near Paris, right?”. My response: “Well, I guess you could say that. England is fairly close to France.” was met with a confused look. Turns out he (and all of his friends) were convinced that England was a town in France. I’m not saying I know everything about everywhere… but really?

  14. After connecting to a flight in Minneapolis on her way to to Germany, my Grandmother sat beside someone that was from Duluth, Minnesota. The woman asked her where she was from, my Grandmother replied “Thunder Bay”. The woman asked where was that? My Grandmother replied “Ontario”. Still confused the woman asked her where that was. My Grandmother then replied. “Canada”. The woman still confused asked “where is that?”
    I believe the story.

  15. it’s funny how everyone assumes these people are americans.
    they could be from any country in the world which speaks english.

    considering the language of ENGlish originated from ENGland, shouldn’t they have realised? =]

  16. i always thought we english were quite aware of the world, but my gf proved me wrong the other day. i was telling her me and my mates were planning a trip to sweden for new years and she could bring her friends if she wanted to. she said ‘yeahh i love sweden!!’ followed by, ‘thats near france isn’t it?’
    i said ‘no, i think you’re thinking of switzerland..’. she said, oh ‘wheres that, is that the one near spain?’
    times like these it’s easier just to say yes.
    i wouldn’t mind if she was just dense but she has a BSc!

  17. I went to New York and some guy said to me “so where are you from?” and I said London. So he says to me “is that in Manchester?”

  18. um maybe they confuse french accents with british ones since they learn to speak in a british accent? But I still do not believe that. Some people pride themselves on being dumb though. I can’t believe how many posted here saying people have seriously confused the two…I feel like this is a big prank…all you people faked this post and then commented here trying to prove it’s true!

  19. no they must speak chinese

  20. Christ you Americans make me laugh.
    I really think after such abominations such as alooominum (Its Aluminium) and Doodie (Duty god damnit)that it should be the DUTY of every american to at least work out that english comes from England. We may be the UK to you but it kinda stands to reason to follow logic to find out what language a nation speaks. China – Chinese, France – French, Armenia – Armenian.

  21. @170 i’d be irritated by your comment but oddly enough i’m trapped in this idiot hell hole…it’s has it’s hilarious perks (just look at this website) but half the time it’s like you’re a lone survivor trapped amongst an idiot zombie horde…and if you get bitten, instead of dying, you contract crabs….or an insatiable appetite for bugles chips….help me…

  22. This is why the rest of the world hates you america

  23. Mike, America obviously doesn’t give a sh*t.

  24. further fuel to the “dim witted american” stereotype.. made by australians haha. must watch

  25. @rick
    just watched your video and there is no excuse for how stupid and ignorant most Americans are…

    To the ppl who posted this:
    You’re in a fucking library!!! find an atlas!!! but I know you would probably respond “Whats an atlas???” so I will just say in advance that there is no hope for your kind of ppl… London, France WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! suppose you vacationed in Paris, UK or Athens, Italy … or fucking Berlin, Norway…

  26. Don’t judge all, or most, of Americans on these morons or stupid videos people put on the internet. Haven’t you noticed that dumb people from all nations have a tendency to use little discretion when displaying their idiocy?

  27. I want kill them. I wish I was there to make them feel really dumb.

  28. It would be worth the 15 year prison sentence to be there when they said this.

  29. A female contestant on American Idol a few years back said she wanted to go to London to see the Eiffel Tower *rolls eyes* Fucking retards.

  30. now you can start wondering why everyone hates americans…

  31. I met once a russian living in canada:

    she: where you from?
    I: Venezuela..
    She: It’s that middle east?
    I: no!, south america, bordering west with colombia, south with brazil
    She: oh…(she didn’t get it)

  32. Two things:

    One, I’d like to see a “pop survey” of rural English (e.g.). It’s not clear that the average American’s level of ignorance is exceptional. Standardized testing DOES show that we consistently underachieve, but it’s not clear that such test results are either accurate measures of occupancy-related intellectual aptitude or that they measure other important components of personality like work ethic or creativity. And for those who claim anecdotal evidence, keep in mind that you entered these situations expecting your stereotype to be confirmed.

    Two, Facebook is an American company. The internet is an American invention. Why hasn’t your country of origin–which is presumably less “ignorant”–developed superior alternatives?

    In sum: who doesn’t like to trash his boss? A soothing balm for an inferiority complex if ever there was one.

  33. To substantiate that last bit of psychology, here’s a typical anti-American rant:

    “Christ you Americans make me laugh.
    I really think after such abominations such as alooominum (Its Aluminium) and Doodie (Duty god damnit)that it should be the DUTY of every american to at least work out that english comes from England. We may be the UK to you but it kinda stands to reason to follow logic to find out what language a nation speaks. China – Chinese, France – French, Armenia – Armenian.

    Yeah. Clearly our twelve year olds don’t give the UK enough respect. You guys are very important and everybody here respects you.

    By the way, the Chinese don’t speak “Chinese.” Do you mean Mandarin (putonghua)? Cantonese (guangdonghua)? Any of the other dozen-odd major dialects? I guess in this situation it may not “stand to reason to follow logic to find out what language a nation speaks” (prose as lush and evocative as it is lucid).

    A strange thing, how stupid people derive pleasure from calling other stupid people stupid.

  34. I worked with Americans and have been in America a few times and I am Australian. Heres some common comments, and I shit you not, they are not made up

    1. ‘ They speak English in Australia?’
    2. ‘You are Australian? But you’re not white!’
    3. ‘Which part of England are you from?’ I’m Australian ‘Isn’t that in England?’

  35. ^I’ve lived in America before, but come from Finland, and one of the best questions I was ever asked was if we have….. electricity in Finland. To which we answered yes, but whenever we want to use the computer for example, one person has to sit on a bike and pedal to generate the electricity while another person uses the computer, and then they switch. They BELIEVED us.

    But tbh, it’s not just Americans. I was talking to a British girl once, who was probably in her mid-20s, who asked what nationality I am. I said Finnish, to which she replied, “Oh cool, where do Finnish people come from?” Uh, Finland? “Sweet, so do you speak English in Finland? “Well we learn it, but we mainly speak Finnish.” “Cool, cool, where IS Finland?” “Next to Sweden.” “……….cool.”

  36. I still don’t believe he actually asked that question.
    Do they speak ENGLISH in ENGLAND

    I mean come on.

  37. @186: I still don’t believe you can’t read properly.
    When you read London it registers as England?

    I mean come on.



  39. I live in Scotland and I’ve spoken to a lot of American people who say England when they mean the whole of the United Kingdom, including my American friend who lives here. I’ve also seen this on T.V. The United Kingdom is made up of FOUR countries…Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. It also includes lots of small islands. I wouldn’t say New York if I was talking about the whole of the United States of America.

  40. […] After reading something online, i don't think Americans know where are a lot of places in UK Lamebook – Funny Facebook Statuses, Fails, LOLs and More – The Original I See London, I … Signatures are visible to registered members only. […]

  41. 11 years living in Washington DC. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what language we speak in Australia…..

    I have been asked “where are you from?” replied Australia, then “Oh, wow you have learned English very well!” also, “What language y’all speak down there?”, also “It must be cool to be European!”

    Sorry Americans, but after 11 years I have now learned to just look at the people who ask me and I just shake my head and leave. There are no smart comebacks when faced with such stupidity.

  42. London is a small city in southern Indiana.

  43. My son asked me the other day why we speak English and not Australian, since we live in Australia and not England. He’s 6. I only hope these people are younger than that and are in possession of some amazing typing skills.

  44. @Ada

    You wouldn’t be a nerdfighter by any chance would you?

  45. ok i have a lot to say but i read a lot so i think i’m entitled to it.

    @173 i laughed so hard. i’m pretty sure that was the only funny post in this entire thread. the other nearly 200 just made me die a little inside….

    @183 fun fact: china is on their way to passing up america as the largest english speaking country in the world.

    @189 yeah except the entire UK fits inside of the state of oregon and the population of the UK is about the same as the population of texas and california put together. i’d say bad comparison.

    @everyone i’m an american that has met plenty of stupid people that live here and done the exact same thing that all of you have. it’s really not that hard. the difference between most americans and apparently most of you is that while we don’t know much about your countries at least we’re trying to be nice. every one of these stories is about a local trying to learn about where you are from. these ignoramuses are trying to expand their knowledge while you are just being smug and superior. just a thought guys, maybe we’d care more about you guys if you weren’t being douche bags.

    and i knew before this thread that london was part of england and not france.

    one last thing, i don’t get why guessing an accent incorrectly is such an offense. you sound like you’re from somewhere else. big deal. my brother had a speech impediment for years and everyone thought he was from somewhere else even though i spoke the exact same as the people asking the question. and we looked alike it wasn’t like he was a little african boy or something. as has been said before, stupidity abounds everywhere, it’s just advertised more in america.

  46. Some people should be sterilized.

  47. No, @hellababe, actually, they should be “sterilised,” haha. ;^)

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