Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. Ben

  2. lol

  3. Crap!

  4. ubsested? UBSESTED?!

  5. She came Kool-aid. That’s funny.

  6. #1 is too funny. I had no idea who Meghan meant by the terminator. I thought maybe she was talking about her mom or an annoying roommate or even a pet, hahah.

    Nikki displays one of my biggest pet peeves: baby talk. It’s bad enough when people speak baby talk..but on the internet? Ughhhhh. I’m sure here status updates are like that too. “Takuhn my wittew shnookums to the pwaygwound. She’s ubsested with the swide!!” Ughhh

  7. On a lighter note, Ashley’s is the first half-amusing typo I’ve seen on here.

  8. @crayola I believe she meant obsessed- which is rather strange in itself.

  9. I know, it’s just absolutely horrific, both the stupidity and the obsessed with baby feet thing.

    Unless it was intentional, in which case I think she should be banned from the internet forever.

  10. Five finger shoes? Does this mean they now make Five Toe gloves?

  11. These are rubbish, bottom of the barrel typo’s. Slow day of lameness bar dare2claire’s hilarious comment

  12. @dare2claire

    Five finger shoes means that they are stolen, five finger discount.

  13. @dare2claire

    They are talking about these shoes.

  14. Paranoid Android

    *weeping gently at the raping of the word obsessed*

    Why? Just why are these people wasting oxygen.

    Pool, Frodo, Ben etc. etc.

  15. Chinchillazilla

    I can’t stop laughing at ubsested.

    I’m ubsested with people who can’t spell pretty simple words.

  16. Now THESE are funny!

  17. If what she says is true, I’d say Ashley will have a very promising career in the beverage distribution/Porno business…in fact she may pioneer the whole industry. Oh Yeah!!! (weird Kool-Aid commercial reference inserted there).

    In all seriousness, that post made me spit coffee out on my computer monitor….the boss will not be amused……

  18. as far as Nikki’s ubsestion with being ubsested…..Hooked on Phonics is working a little too well for her.

  19. I would have been impressed if she came Kool-Aid, now I’m just disappointed that it was a typo.

  20. suck

  21. Lameboook, come on, mate. We’ve done this. A typo made when somebody is arrogantly insulting someone for being stupid? Funny. A typo that makes a sentence look like something else (‘I came Kool-Aid’)? A little funny.

    A typo? On it’s own?
    That isn’t humour 😐 It’s a typo.

  22. i was shocked that anybody would actually spell “obsessed” like “ubsested,” and then i googled “ubsested.” i don’t recommend it, you’ll just hate humanity afterwards.

  23. mind you, most of the people misspelling “obsessed” that way are usually talking about how “ubsested” they are with justin bieber and twilight.

  24. @sarahmargeurite – you made me google it >.< I cannot believe how many people actually get it wrong. It's not too surprising that it's mostly Justin Bieber and Twilight fans though.

  25. hey ladies… you want to come kool-aid… Bam! Oh yeah!

  26. @Camo, Sarahmargeurite – holy crap, it’s everywhere. “Leave No Child Behind” should’ve been coined, “Everyone Breathing, Graduates” instead.

  27. BritishHobo, I wholehartedly agree with you, its getting very boreing seeing lame typos, yes some of the rushed ones are quite funny but all of the others are so repetative now, off course they must maintane them for the grammer nazis

  28. My favourite google examples included “Is he ubsested or just in love?”, “Are Guys Relly Ubsested With What Girls Look Like?”, and, what I consider the best one… “i”m ubsested with wolfs . wolfs are so cool. wolf that is walking is the cutest !!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

    I’m starting to think that ‘ubsested’ is some sort of inside joke somewhere and we just aren’t cool enough to understand.

  29. Dude, Cum Dumpster, I googled it and am giggling madly at the “i’m ubsested with wolfs” page. Every comment there is excellent.

    “omg i love wolfes like soooo much and if you dont like them dont get on this page.”

  30. slim, think of the conveniences of having such a talent. There’s no reason to grab that glass of water after a round to quench your thirst!

  31. if any of my comments are “duplicting themselves” on this thread – it’s because I can’t see them come up at all. It’s like my commenting privileges have been removed…

  32. we are in complete agreement eenerbl… everytime i was thirty i would go down and use the tongue activate clit squirt tab and get myself a spurt… come up with the oh yeah and give you the Bam!

  33. Guess they haven’t.

    Phaze94, Thank you for enlightening me – That particular brand of shoe hasn’t made it to South African shelves yet. I still don’t get why they would name their shoes that – why not Five Toe Shoes? Or just Toe SHoes, since logically, most people have Five Toes as it is. Overstating the obvious, or being deliberately discriminatory against people with less/more than 5 toes. Or fingers, as it were.

  34. When I first read Meghan’s status I didn’t see a problem. I just thought she was being delightfully surreal , however on closer inspection I realised she is just a spag.

  35. A thirst quencher indeed slim!

  36. The third Google hit for ubsested is sarahmargeurite’s comment

    i was shocked that anybody would actually spell “obsessed” like “ubsested,” and then i googled “ubsested.” i don’t recommend it, you’ll just hate humanity afterwards.

  37. @ puppy… i already hate humanity… so selfish and greeding… my heart weeps for our future… i mean is it so hard to have sluts giving bjs instead of coffee stands at every corner? Come on civilization! get it right

  38. #1 – the first thing I thought of at the idea of ‘The Terminator’ catching this chick naked, was him saying, “I’ll be back,” and then going off to bust a nut.

    #2 – Ashley, I want you for your kool-aid, not your brains.

  39. bollywood_rocks83

    I googled and went to the Yahoo one. It seems it was Yahoo India so maybe we should go easy on her. In all seriousness though, should someone who can’t spell a simple word be jonesing for a guy right now?

    Whoever put the link to the shoes,thanks. Anyone think they may be the new crocs?

  40. #1 Her friends fail at epic movie icons

    #2 Id use that chick like a fountain if she can really do that (as long as its uber sweet)

    #3 too lame for comment

    #4 that does not scream pedo-bear at all..nope, no sir. nor does it scream knowledge of a dictionary, online or otherwise

  41. Against my better instincts, I googled ‘ubsested’. Wonder why Justin Bieber pops up so much…

  42. Though the number of species of wolves is debates im still ubsested with all of them

    now theres a sentence

  43. So 640 people mispell obsessed, is that it? I thought ubsested was going to be one of those weird sex practices you only read about on Wikipedia. And sometimes at my blog.

  44. *misspell. D’oh! Classic pedantry.

  45. @danieltunnard.blogspot.com – nice advertisement for your blog, sounds kinky, lol. Still not going though 🙂

  46. Don’t bother. He posted on lamebook awhile back just to get hits to his site. There’s nothing there useful or worthwhile. It’s just drivel.

  47. Coming Kool-Aid would have to cause one hell of yeast infection.

  48. “Hey there gorgeous, come with me and I’ll make you come Kool-Aid…”

  49. #29, good thing you didn’t also google cum dumpster

  50. Terminator – exterminator. Meh.

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