Friday, February 24, 2012

A Smart Start

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  1. Ben

  2. Hey these are actually pretty good.
    Misuse of “literally” is always a classic.

  3. Maybe she meant ‘literarily’, as in it’s never been worn to a writer’s conference or while engaging in discussions about literature.

  4. nah. that frock makes you look fat.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    When Jennifer let her boyfriend choose the wedding date, He chose wisely.

  6. I hate pointless comments that don’t contribute to the thread but I can resist mentioning that I actually LedOL at Dukey’s comment. LOL.

  7. Can’t. Damnit.

  8. Well played, Jennifer’s boyfriend. Well played.

    Get your freak on before she tries to book a reception hall. Or marks her calendar.

    Oh. And watch yer nuts.

  9. fucking hell oooobie.
    That means you hate everything that you say.
    And that means we have something in common because I, also, tend to hate your pointless comments that contribute nothing.

    I’m not sure how I feel about that.

  10. It must be tough to be that intelligent

  11. Quiet oobie. if everybody based their comments on what’s actually posted here there would be 2, 3 comments max. It’d be a graveyard.

  12. She needs to take that monstrosity of a dress off. It makes her look (________________) wide… Literally.

  13. On the screen I’m looking at, (________________) is 5.7cm wide – literally. Whereas fatass up there measures 3.2cm – literally.

    i’m not here to judge, but your spatial–temporal reasoning is sub-par.

  14. ^i dont think laugh.out.loud literally meant literally MsAnne. it was his/her/its version of sarcasm. but i wont hold ur well meaning outburst against u. I still want u to sodomize me <3

  15. What does “finna start again” mean?

  16. ^It’s gangsta talk for “gay bukkake orgy”

  17. Thanks poopy. He knew what I meant. Msanne is cranky and looking for an argument. I’ m way too medicated to partake in such foolishness. Back to the playground for you msanne, find someone else to pick on.

  18. You can immediately tell after looking at tubby dog’s picture, that she was holding in one of the biggest shits ever. The way her back is slightly hunched over and how her right hand is almost in a fist means that fucker was pushing hard on her coccyx. Lucky girl was probably torn to shreds.

  19. unfair laugh.out.unfair.
    I had *no idea* what you meant and honestly thought you are that retarded.
    In my defense, the numbers are on my side.

  20. It’s not the dress making her look wide, she IS wide

  21. @someone: ‘Finna’ is supposed to be ‘gonna’.

    Jenny’s going to be heartbroken when she discovers that her wedding will take place on some other plane of existence or in another dimension of which man currently has no knowledge (other than its February stretching to thirty days). Props to her for at least knowing how to spell.

    Maybe the girl in the dress’s post on her own photo is unfinished? “It’s literally never been worn by anyone except me, right now!”

  22. Finna is actually the slang word for the already Southern US slang “fixing to”
    I’m fixing to get up and make a sandwich.
    I’m finna get up ‘n make a sammich.

  23. Whilst she’s a wee bit on the chubby side, it’s the long ape like arm that freaks me out the most in the photo.

    I’m finnin to get me some ape arm. Extra easy on the strokes. Knows it’s business.

  24. I’m with you, Moxie. She’s gonna need some thalidomide when she’s pregnant to offset her freaky apeish arm genes.

  25. Her arms are long? What? They look normal to me… If your arms are a lot shorter than that i think you might be the one with freaky arms..

  26. Is THAT why they call me T-Rex? I’d give you a round of applause, but my hands don’t meet.

  27. I’m going to make a point of not asking how you wipe your arse.

  28. Thanks, MsAnne. I appreciate your sensitivity.

  29. Ahhh looking at the chunky Sperm Whale in photo 3 brings back fond memories of my early childhood in Maximo’s Amazing Travelling Menagerie and Circus…

    We had a fucking big blue tent then as well.

  30. You people must be fucking perfect and skinny as a twig to think that girl is fat. So she has hips, who cares? The point of the post is that she’s sayig it’s never been worn, when she is in fact, wearing it. Not her weight. I’m sure some of you are bigger than her!!

  31. ^ Fatty. Possibly even the fatty from the picture in the ugly dress.

  32. We have uncovered Bacchante’s true identity! Cee Lo Green!

  33. No shit, were most of you raised in the heroin chic era? She looks pretty average to me. In American standards, shes damn healthy.

  34. Don’t even go there with the American standards shit. Here in America, most people look like fucking Humpty Dumpty. You don’t know how tired I am of people telling me I’m going to “blow away” when I’m the perfect weight for my height.

    Yep, she’s fat.

  35. Well if we’re going with american standards she’s ridiculously thin. So ktandl and lachrymal, don’t worry. By americans standards you’re still average, even though the rest of the world might see you as morbidly obese

  36. DA, they aren’t saying you’re going to blow away in the wind. They’re saying they are going to blow you away with their shotgun in a fit of jealousy.

  37. Ah. Well, that explains that.

  38. but don’t be too concerned.
    even if they can stop the gun slipping through their bacon-greased paws, they still gotta get a fat digit onto the trigger somehow. but first they gotta decide whether to eat the cheeseburger or put it down.

  39. tough decision. for sure we’d eat the cheeseburger. honestly, who would put down a perfectly good cheeseburger? by that time we’d forget what the point of everything was and probably look for a chocolate shake to wash it down with.

  40. @squarerobot thanks for your excellent explaintion,it makes me laugh every time I read it

  41. I’m pretty sure it’s all part of the subversive plan to de-militarise America. I read they’re finding it hard to recruit new cannon-fodder because omg fatties.

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