Friday, December 3, 2010

Dirty Laundry

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  1. Really? Excellent parenting skills via FB.

  2. Ryan could have removed the comment…that jerk off.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Now THAT’S what you do (to someone’s son) when they leave their Facebook page open .

  4. This problem could easily be solved by the maid to the satisfaction of all parties.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    OR we have just witnessed the best prank / discipline method ever used by a parent.

    John: Ryan go clean your room.
    Ryan: But I don’t wanna.
    John: Okay then give me a second to post this message on your wall about the yellowish discharge from your penis.
    Ryan: I’ll get right on it.

  6. PERSONAL MESSAGE? WTH happened to actually talking to your kids??

    This could be funny, if I could believe it as being true. I feel like nowadays, with the internets, it’s too easy to set like this stuff up. How do we even really know that John is his dad and not just his friend?

    And, maids? ugh.

  7. Cool … they have the maid from The Jetsons.

  8. fuck fuck fuck… Jetson’s maid was ‘Rosy’

  9. @mass – I think it was Rosie…

  10. …palms!


  11. I call fakesies again.

  12. Completely fake. This is a quote from a foreign film.

  13. Rosa was probably complaining because she’s out of lemon pledge.

  14. If the maid had simply boned up on her cleaning skills this would never have happened. I have the same problem myself. Perhaps this is a good forum for solutions! Does anyone have any Good Housekeeping home remedies for getting semen out of the bottom of this tube sock?

  15. Ridiculous parents…

  16. The maid should just suck dick, eliminating both smelly laundry and excessive toilet paper in the trash.

    And with all due respect, is a really stupid site of things that aren’t really all that awful. Thanks for wasting my time.

  17. Why is this maid complaining? i’m sorry but isn’t it her job to clean up …. does it really make a difference what it is?

  18. exactly, curly.

    the help don’t deserve respect. no, not at all.

  19. I hate calling fakesies but I have to agree with everyone else…no way this could possibly be real. Ludicrous.

  20. I too don’t wish to call a fake, but there’s no way on this earth that it would take 4 HOURS for someone to comment on a status that explosive. To excuse the unfortunate phrasing.

    Fake ‘n’ Bake.

  21. Um, 20.verbalwurzel – it didn’t take 4 hours for someone to reply. The posts happened 4 hours AGO. Dad posted and two people commented immediately and it was an hour before the son replied – understandable as ppple arent constantly on FB. Learn how FB works before you start calling fakes. Also do you even know what Fake ‘n’ Bake means? Your use of it doesn’t work.

  22. Onetimeposter.

    Ah, you’re so very correct. Forgive me. It’s rather late this side of Atlantic.

    As for Shake ‘n’ Bake, I haven’t the foggiest. As far as I know, they’re two words that popped into my silly little head a few minutes ago.

    But, as we’ve already discovered, what I know could well be very little.

    I hope I last the night.

  23. I want a maid named Rosa.

  24. I used tissues but my beagle would eat them. then i used a old white hanes t-shirt. It wasnt white afer a while, turned brown and was crusty. I found the best way was to use socks. My old roommate wasa house cleaner and cleaned my room when she was stoned and i gave her this same speech and she never picked up my socks again.

  25. Takin’ care of business song ftw. 😉

  26. Keona, the song was first thing that came to my mind also. The chorus fits so well with Ryan’s activities.

  27. or maybe it was cause he wrote “taking care of buisness” in quotes. Now that stupid song is stuck in my head but it gets rid of that stupid Honda commercial “holidays” song that is on the radio all the time too. Or maybe not, damn it.

  28. @24,
    Thanks for sharing, sicko.

  29. I used to bang our cleaning lady on a regular basis. Granted, we were poor and couldn’t afford a maid, but mom was a trooper.

  30. it’s too good to be real. i call fake.

    also, that’s not something you post ANYWHERE on the internet, so once again, i call fake.

  31. Yes sasha, everything good is always fake. Why do you even come on the internet if you have that attitude?

    Besides, I’ve seen people post way more embarassing/personal things that I know to be real.

  32. It’s kinda like the Chilean movie: The Maid, she also complained and the parents had to speak to their son- unless this happens often.

    Curlybap, first time I’ll have to say I disagree with you. It was a Friday night comment, you’re excused

  33. If the words toilet tissue and dirty clothes were replaced with A Loaf of Wonder Bread and Rosa’s Ella Signature loafers, respectively, then and only then would a housemaid have the right to complain about ‘stains’.

  34. Who the fuck would reply to a comment like that with ‘!!!1!!!’?
    I call fake.

  35. @stripe. i know at least 50 people who would. its an internet joke. i have friend who would also say “wtf!!!!!111!!!!oneone”
    sorta like the whole pwned instead of owned thing

  36. @candidcamera: I know, I do it too sometimes, but as a reply to a status like that… yeah, no.

  37. Eh, so what. My husband has a couple of friends who were traveling together on a business trip overseas…one of the guys is notorious for always taking huge craps. He went to the bathroom in the hotel room they were sharing and thoroughly wiped his ass with every single white towel, because he wanted to feel “really clean.” How do you like that, cleaning staff?

  38. @valid dicktorian: while that does fall under “taking care of business”…the kind of business being referred to in the post is the kind that some mothers say “can make you go blind if you keep doing.”

  39. LMFAO @ jellica and Keona!!!

    What with all the “fakesies” callings and subsequent explanations… I’ll just say I HOPE this is a fake (they probably were AIMING to get on LB), for the sakes of parenting and teenage boys everywhere. If it’s real, heaven help them both (dad for posting it and Ryan not deleting it immediately after seeing it). If it’s fake, meh…

    Still funny though and the comments here make it even better! xP

  40. mcpooks–duh. My point being, if I were a cleaning person, spooge-soaked dirty clothes would be no biggie compared to shit-caked towels…

  41. So have we we established whether “taking care of business” means having a shit or a wank? Or possibly fucking his dog?

    !!!!1111oneoneone exclamation mark!!!111

  42. My father once walked in on me whilst i was tugging my hose, he said ‘Son, stop doing that you’ll go blind.’

    ‘Dad, i’m over here.’

    His presence nearly put me off my stroke but I managed to get a good healthy load out, disgusted with me he said ‘You should save it until you get married’…

    I pointed to the crusty jar of stale semen on my bedside table, ‘I am’.

  43. @ Dukey & Shelley

    I’m confused, why do so many people think that the father was posting using his son’s account? Ryan can’t delete John’s post…

  44. I didn’t think the father was using the son’s account… I did assume though, for some reason, that the father posted to the son’s wall but I suppose now that just sounds stupid. *shrug* He could have said “Dad please delete this shit WTF??” lol

  45. I love how many of you get sooo angry when someone accuses a post on here of being fake. Ha.

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