Friday, September 27, 2013

Students: 1 College: 0

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  2. Yes! Awesome. Why don’t you renegotiate a better printer service contract, you frugal, petty, college computer lab manager, and quit guilt-tripping your customers?

    Granted, Lamebook should have given it to their partner site, but it was a good post nonetheless.

    Oh, and fuck off, Stever.

  3. What the fuck are they printing? Is this the printer for Wyoming (State of)?
    Either that or Rectal Hell and gas is very cheap in this area.

  4. This post reminded me if the time I spewed so hard that the overflow was my nose that accounted for 20% of the vomitus

  5. “Think before you ink”

    This should be put in tattoo parlors to give people a second thought about having a tattoo they’ll soon regret.

  6. I went to college. I learned hard.

  7. Actually, I completely understand the passive-aggressive note about printing. A lot of people, students included, print completely unnecessary things and this has nothing to do with paying tuition. Printing is absolutely wasteful and, in this digital day and age, most likely unnecessary.

  8. ^ You’re retarded, on like 3 different levels, Shade1982.
    1) What’s unnecessary? Something to you, or someone else?
    2) Yes it does. They don’t want to pay for ink and paper; it has everything to do with paying tuition.
    3) Those who trust electronics, and electronics only to safely and securely hold all of their important things, will end up with no important things.
    Confucius said that or some shit.

  9. Wow Nails, someone is retarded for saying something you don’t agree with? Really? Are you 12?

    1) Have you ever heard of common sense? If you can do it digitally, it is not necessary to print, easy.
    2) Paying tuition does not grant you the right to be wasteful. Does paying my taxes mean I don’t have to separate my garbage? No, it doesn’t. In fact, I even run the risk of getting an additional fine if I don’t. Paying does not dismiss you from using your head.
    3) Well, this response kinda proves what an idiot you really are. Confucius said that? Really? Did he post that on his Facebook wall using his iPhone5? Or did he use Android? Just because you are unable to scrap the concepts of the digital world, doesn’t mean others don’t. While you are maybe unable to use electronics the correct way, many, many others have in fact been using these devices to great effect for many years, and will keep using them for many years to come. Welcome to this century, troglodyte…

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