Monday, November 7, 2011

A Smash Hit!

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  1. Bring_back_fingering

    This isn’t funny. Violence against women is never funny unless I’m doing it.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA….violence against women is hilarious!

    And by that, what I mean, is Tim’s an ass.

  3. Think I’d rather listen to that M&M wrapper than that guy, and I don’t like M&M.

  4. Bring_back_fingering

    Fags don’t like peanuts.

  5. This guy is a retard. Please dont let self-submitting wanna be comedians on your site lamebook. You’re only hurting yourself.

  6. Horrible

  7. Not so much of a hit as it is a swing and a miss in the funny department.

  8. fuck me.
    Tim. Forest. Bears. NOW please.

  9. this is not funny lamebook 

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Tim’s jokes are not nearly as funny as the fact that Sarah doesn’t get them.

  11. They do deserve each other

    Personnaly, I prefer Reese’s pieces

  12. How come when Chris Brown kicks the fuck out Rhianna she’s still a shit singer, but when Ike Cunt Punched Tina Turner she was fucking amazing?!

    What’s Ike doing right that Chris is doing wrong?

  13. I <3 cheesuschrist!

  14. He’ll love you right back. Bend over

  15. I would…. I really would.

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