Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The “Event”

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  1. I think he meant 2 dudes……

  2. If this does get his phone ringing off the hook, I don’t know what will

  3. I can help but think that someone dancing on it would cause tremendous pain.

  4. This is the post where we leave off the ends of contractions, is it?

  5. @1,2,4. You’re fucking retards, even more so than the OP. Read your retarded statements before you post them. Steeever, I included you because you are the biggest cunt-muscle online.

  6. Hey it’s worth a shot. Who knows, it might have worked.

  7. I need 2 Girls to dance on my penis at my house this weekend.

    and by girls I mean ‘dogs’ and by my house I mean outside a school.

  8. Well I thought mine was obviously intentional, but ok.

  9. @5 What crawled up your ass and died?

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