Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Sharper Tools

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  1. Ugh, I bet Tia voted for Gaius Baltar.

  2. Damn, I didn’t know when they made Pluto NOT a planet anymore, they also added 6 new ones. I’ll be damned.

  3. Tia should go live on another planet. Planet Retardo.

  4. damn that bitch at the end is worse than britishhobo. wait actually i dont think shes clever enough to attention seek by double posting on every single fuckin post, only fags do that shit

  5. Red means go.

  6. anonisgayisgay! HI! OMG! It’s anonisgayisgay, guys!


  7. Maybe Chanel was thinking about how it’s safe to turn left on red when you’re turning onto a one-way street…nah, she can’t be that smart. She’d probably turn left onto the WRONG way on a one-way street!

  8. Geez. I only got my US license last year and it is possibly the easiest driving test in the world. Perhaps it’s a good thing that Chanel failed first time.

    As for Tia. They say that eugenics is bad. I’m not so sure.

  9. dirtylittlepretty

    I get pulled over a week ago for my fucking tint…and this stupid whore Chanel is turning left on red..’when it’s safe’…fucking fuck!

  10. WOW. Tia and Chanel both should live on another planet. Simply for our safety!

  11. @dirty You must live in Louisiana. lol They love that shit down there. Who the fuck gives a shit about the tint on my windows?

    @there I hear Neptune lets you turn left on red, no matter what.

  12. anonisgayisgay v BritishHobo is the latest in threadwars?

    Meh …

  13. lol @muse I don’t even get it. Now he’s going to have to change his name to BritishHoboisgay while he is flaming him/her. Is Hobo a her? Oh, whatever.

  14. bollywood_rocks83

    Chanel,gurl! I am so with you on that. I used to think that too until some moron who had the right of way plowed into my itty bitty car at 45mph. Then the idiot cops made me pay for his stupidity. Sheesh. We should write to our house rep and protest!

  15. @eusadnama – No idea. Not seen anything particularly witty or clever other than ‘fags, fags!’ so far.

  16. The best way to deal with anonisgayisgay is the same way one deals with toddlers throwing tantrums: Pretend he doesn’t exist. If he doesn’t have an audience, hopefully he’ll shut up and go away.

  17. tia, why waste money on spaceships – they cost like $100 000 000 000!!!

    the way to go is floating cities (tie 10000s of balloons to them) and underground metropolises (dig). either that or just shrink everyone with a huge laser so there’s more room. or move to africa.

  18. @alord Or better yet, close your eyes and pretend everybody else doesn’t exist!

  19. I like Tia’s idea. Lets ship some of the population off to one of those 14 planets… She can pilot one of the ships even!

  20. You can turn left on a red when you’re on a ONE-WAY and it’s ANOTHER one-way

  21. yes, june, or under the sea.

    i love brainstorming. we are the future.

  22. There are cases when you can turn left on a red in the US, and I believe there are places in Canada where you can turn left on red on two-way streets as well. Tia just needs to go back to first grade.

  23. What I like about people like Tia is that they make an average person like me feel like Einstein in comparison… and I love how she thinks all these damn scientists and governments are so dumb for not thinking of this brilliant plan before. She desrves the honour of choosing a planet and being dropped off there

  24. eusadnama – There are planets outside our solar system <_<

  25. little people will soon rule the world! they don’t need lasers or anything. they could exist with smaller buildings and cars. I predict in 100 years the little people will have a little people league (lpl) and then they will attack.

    There will be a movie about it and it will be made into one of those epic history movies kinda like pearl harbor or something. Soon after there will be a tv series on the history channel similar to shark week on discovery channel. It will be big people week and will show how deadly creatures we were.

  26. @22 there are cases when you can turn left on a red in the US? What are these cases you speak of. I don’t believe that.

  27. You can always turn right on red (unless there is a sign saying not to, which is rare)…but the left on red rule only exists if it’s a one-way street. And my take is that Chanel is doing this at all intersections 🙂

  28. You can turn left on a red if you’re turning onto a one way street from a one way street, where you’re in the far left lane turning into the lane closest to you, if that makes sense. That likely varies by city, state, county, etc. I somehow doubt that’s what’s being discussed by Melanie up there though.

  29. Chanel is a moron, but Tia just took stupidity to a whole nother level. WTF. Chanel should run Tia over while she’s making her left on red…

  30. Also, Carla gave some pretty good advice… fosho!

    *bangs head on wall*

  31. you can turn left on red (when safe) if the red light is flashing. you know… when they’re fixing the lights during the day or there’s been a blackout? also the one way street thing too.

  32. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Tia please die and do the rest of the human species a favour

  33. Tia must come from the future when humans do live on other planets.
    And for that, she may be Chanel’s granddaughter.

  34. Uh, in Australia – you go on the green and stop on the red. None of this sometimes turn on the red crap =P

  35. @Milo There’s “turn left on red light permitted” signs everywhere in sydney.

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