Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Stand Up Guy

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  1. Woot

  2. So HE’S the one who’s been making up stupid statistics!

  3. Candace is an idiot, too. The guy isn’t showing respect for the Marines. He’s showing respect for the FLAG.

  4. Of course he’s the only one standing. Everyone else has been walking around all day and their feet hurt.

  5. “Do you do this shit on purpose?” Yes Candace, he does, and that purpose is to demonstrate, beyond any reasonable doubt, that he truly IS a moron. Should it really come as a surprise? Look at some of the OTHER people who end up here. Yes, they are everywhere.

  6. Mr. Gooseman strikes again! At least they had the decency to blur his terrifying face this time.

  7. Codename Dutchess

    throwingtofu, Obviously Larry isnt a moron if he’s able to see the subtle humor in the OP and flip it around for the purposes of pissing Candace off. It obviously worked based on her’s, and your, reaction. You sound like a pretentious, up-tight fuckwad and a card carrying member of the the aforementioned ‘true moron’ club you were describing. All these “look at how self aware I am, you should be too” Candace type posts are bullshit. Kudos to Larry. Oh, and support the troops.

  8. Codename Dutchess FTW!

  9. I’m doing my part to support the troops…I fuck one every night. You’re welcome.

  10. @MoonJason… why are you posting spam emails? Are you, too, a moron? Or just an ordinary fuckwit spammer?

  11. larry gooseman is friends with the creator of lamebook. that guy is totally fake

  12. And yet the people that post this crap would applaud somebody who would intentionally stay seated if Obama was in the parade. I hate those people. And I also hate Obama. But I think I hate chain emails (which is where this picture really makes its rounds) about 10 times more.

  13. There’s no way I would stand up for marines. Or Obama. Or the flag. But I don’t dislike Obama (at least not as much as the Turd Party alternative). I do dislike marines. The flag is a piece of cloth, and I refuse to exert myself for inanimate cloth. Plus, I see no reason I should respect my or any other country via the action of standing.
    Basically in those pictures, the only person standing is the one who is too old to realize that the marines fight (and the flag stands) for corporate greed.

  14. @mad2physicist

    you truly are an idiot…

  15. ^ yep

  16. Larry is a cunt.
    And mad2physicist honestly… No one cares.

  17. I support Larry’s attempt to discourage people from posting 5 year old chain emails via facebook.

  18. I don’t know if Larry was being serious or not but this is the funniest post ever at lamebook.

  19. @yo momma, I’m glad someone else caught that.

  20. Candace needs a lot of dick to chill her out. A lot.

  21. Reply to post 16. and 17. Elaborate or GTFO.

  22. This is what happens, Larry!

  23. mad2physicist…you totally SHOULD stand for the flag, hippy. Because you were taught to and because you were told to. Does that mean nothing to you?! How the fuck are they going to continue to recruit the youth of the nation into the meat-grinders of the corporate military machines if your enlightened…errr, I mean COMMUNIST ideals of self-realisation are allowed to spread? FFS, man! What if they threw a war and nobody showed?

  24. MissAnneThrope

    Dammit, now I have the line “Now you do what they told ya” running an endless loop in my head…

  25. It is like this. To hell with Patriotism; this country has to EARN my respect (and vice-versa). And it has not gotten any smiley stickers in a long time.

  26. Humor content, on an ascending scale from 1 to 10:

    Larry’s comment and repost: 5
    Candance completely missing that she’s being mocked, but getting offended anyways: 10

  27. sfgiantsfan921

    “Because you were taught to and because you were told to”…Does this work for everything in life? Should kids whose racist parents tell them to hate people of other races do it “because they were taught to and because they were told to”?

  28. Omg, laughing my ass off. I hate those posts, Larry… Well played.

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